Benjamin Lundy

By Markell Owens

Benjamin Lundy and life

Benjamin Lundy was born in Hardwick, NJ, on January 4,1789 and he died in Lowell, Illinois on August 22, 1839, and he died from a fever.

Benjamin Lundy's highlights of childhood & education.

He served an apprenticeship to a saddler, in Wheeling, NJ which was an important headquarters of the inter-State slave trade. He decided to devote his life to the cause of abolition. He had very little formal education.

Entry into Adulthood: Marriage, Family, Further Education, and Career

He organized an Anti-slavry group called the Union Human Society and in Philadelphia in1836 he started the National Enquire. Benjamin Lundy and his newly wedded wife Esther Lewis then moved to Ohio. His wife died giving birth to twins, so they went back to Tennessee and he placed all of his kids with various family members.

Motivations to become a Reformer.

He was called the father of the abolitionist movement. Benjamin tried and tried to get rid of slavery but a lot of the time they just ignored him.

What was “wrong” with the world before this reform.

Everyone had slaves and he didnt want to have them, he hated everyone that called them property and he was the reform leader.

What did the Reformer do to make changes

He protested and he convinced other people to not have slaves and to hire other people to do the slaves jobs for money.

Accomplishments of the Reformer

He bought one abolitionist newspaper and started two more. The first one failed and then years later he reopened one and it was successful.

How Benjamin Lundy Died

Nobody knows exactly how Benjamin Lundy died and nobody will know, but he died from the fever.