Can a human outrun a cheetah?

By: Noah Schaefer

Cheetah speed

Cheetah's are most commonly known as the worlds fastest land animals. They can run over 60 mph for 700 yards. They can reach a top speed of about 70 mph. Their speed isn't all fun though, it comes with a price of them being smaller big cats. There long tail helps control their speeds. Although their fast, cheetahs wouldn't win a distance race.
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Cheetah vs. Human/Pronghorn/other being

Pronghorns can outrun humans a few days after birth, and then their predators after a few weeks. so they are also really quick animals. Not only are they quick, but unlike cheetah's, they can run top speeds of 55 mph for a few miles, and 30 mph for over 20 miles. Pronghorns can run a full marathon (26.4 miles) in 45 minutes.
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Cheetah hunting

Persistence hunting was used by humans to kill faster animals like cheetahs. Its not commonly used by modern humans. Persistence hunting can take many hours, while you chase the animal you're hunting. You can hold water, which animals can't do, making it easier for humans to stay hydrated.
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Important vocabulary

  • Persistence hunting is a hunting technique in which hunters use a combination of running, walking, and tracking to pursue prey to the point of exhaustion.
  • A Pronghorn is a deerlike north american mammal, with a stocky body, long slim legs, and black horns that are shed, and regrown annually
  • A Marathon is a long distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles, and 385 yards.