4th Grade TAG News

Mrs Pham September 3, 2015

This Week

It is the 5th week of school already. This week, we finished our Unit on the Native Americans in Social studies. We learned about how the ecosystem work in a balanced food chain and food web. In addition, we read the Maze of Bones and learned that Amy and Dan are faced with many obstacles before they could find the clues to become the most powerful people in the world.

Our class was choosen again this week to receive HERO the dog. We enjoy sitting by him to read.

In class, students have started looking at project ideas for the Science Fair.


Ecosystem Test Thursday, September 10th

Vocabulary Test Friday- learn how to use the words.

Science Fair Topic due Tuesday September 8th. Parents Signature required.

Math Unit Test Wednesday September 9th. Review rounding, addition, subtraction, and place value. Practice multiplication facts 10 minutes daily. Read for 30 minutes daily.

Next Week

In Social Studies, we will start on a New Unit called the European Explorers. This will be an exciting unit where we get to act like the explorers and sail away to the New World. In Science, we will continue to learn about the ecosystem and how it affects the energy flow in the Energy Pyramid.

Up Coming Events

September 7: No School (Labor Day)

September 8: Progress Reports go home*

September 11: Wear Red, White, and Blue to remember 9/11

September 17: Annual Title 1 Meeting 6 pm (All Parents Invited)

September 21-25: No School (Fall Break)

* Parents please sign up to Infinite Campus. This will be the last hard copy of grades report sending out.

Story of the week by Major Ellis

One day, I saw an attractive commercial of a new game. It looks like a big burden. So I asked my parents if I could get it. But they did not consent. They didn't think I was dependable enough yet. They also indicated that I have too much screen time. In the previous month I had the qualify amount of screen time. Now Mom's response was, "You have too much screen time!" After I begged and begged and my parents decision did not changed, I decided to just thrawed some pizza. Suddenly, I needed an urgent bathroom break. I ran into the bathroom and clumsily bumped into the vanity. When I finally felt better, I was extremely hungry. I pulverized the pizza Which was delicious. I wrote using a pseudonym so nobody could notice I ate the last slice.

Later, my parents let me have the game and I manipulated the characters until I finised. After you wait a long or short time, you will get what you want.

Subtraction with base ten blocks