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Friday, February 4, 2016

Unit 8 Fractions

We are into Unit 8 in math, fractions. This week, students began to learn about fractional parts. Students are recognizing they need to have a firm grasp of their basic multiplication facts to aid with their success with this concept. Although we "jumped" Unit 7 to get to fractions, we will go back to this unit. Unit 7 revisits basic multiplication facts. There is an obvious divide with our class with fact mastery; those who know them, and those who do not. Fourth grade teachers will expect students to enter grade 4 knowing their facts. Everyday Math (your student has had their login in their binders since fall) has games just for mastering/practicing basic facts--we revisited these last week to encourage the site's use. A deck of cards can become a game of "Multiplication War" as a fun way to interact with your child while reviewing and learning facts. Hunter shared that he bought a box of flash cards at Walmart for $2.69--GREAT find! First in math and Everyday math both have times fact practice. Thank you for helping with fact mastery. First In Math also has a fraction and fact "gym"--where these concepts can be practiced while they earn stickers.

Our Unit 6 Geometry tests were awesome! One concept that some students continue to struggle with is symmetry. Below is a fun website to practice this concept.

Recorder Season is Upon US

Next Tuesday in music class, Mrs. Gray will conduct students' second lesson of our eight-week unit using the recorder. She has been spending the last few weeks teaching and reviewing the notes of the treble clef (no bass). Most of the students know their scales, which will make the transition to playing the recorder somewhat easier.

Each student has been assigned their own recorder for use in class only. This makes practicing at home a challenge, unless you have your own recorder. I inquired at the Music and Arts Store in Doylestown, and they sell recorders that range in price from $5-$8. This may be something you wish to persue. Mrs. Gray also sen thome a sheet in the Wednesday folder on 2/3 giving outher purchasing options.

Speaking of Sound Energy...

We are midway through our energy unit, focusing now on sound. The students enjoyed our lab today, and exploring vibrations. We talked in class on how slower moving sound waves make lower pitched sounds, and faster moving sound waves make higher pitched sounds. Below, Francesca and Anya are exploring the sound cups; students found that the ordinary string acted like a highway for the sound waves to travel on. Cadence, Grace and Emma explored the different pitches coming from the glass bottles, while Colin experimented with sound differences coming from different width rubberbands. Below is a link we viewed as a class. You may find curious, budding musicians exprimenting at home after viewing this.
Michael Jackson Billie Jean Remix on Bottles!

Dates To Remember:

  • Monday, 2/8 The Chinese New Year Begins--strings lesson, too
  • Tuesday, 2/9 The100th day of school--WOW!
  • Skills checks Thursday, 2/11-Goodbye 328 Shin Dang Dong
  • Thursday, 2/11 Valentine's exchange-optional participation
  • Thursday, 2/11 Evening parent conferences

(Notifications for select conferences were sent home in Wednesday folder on 2/3.)

  • No school for students, Friday, 2/12 Teacher In-service
  • No school Monday, 2/15 President's Day