All About Meh

Cole Ceniceros


''I must be allergic to failure because I sneeze I go ACHOO then I achieve''

Self Esteem

I have a well balanced self esteem


I love Football, Baseball, Anything athletic


I value my Famliy, Friends, GOD, Sports, Technology, and Music

Why Considered when Desiding on a Career

It depends what job you get and want that you have the right trate you have for it

My Career as...

My Career as... Radiologist

Job Discription : A person who does xrays on people

Annually salary : $ 496,647

Job Outlook : 28 percent faster

Cluster Health : Science

Work Schedule : has to be flexable

Work Environment : commonly in a hospital

Intresting about career : First x-ray was made in the US

How Do I Become A Radiologist

College : Arkansas

Why : Because they have the Xray and Labs

Where : Fayettville

Colse or Far : Close

What degree : Matsers

Will I need it : Yes

Cost per hour : $886

Scholoarships : Football and Baseball