West Indies

By Fatihaa Carroll

When and why they came ?

Afro- Caribbeans came to the United States long ago. They were marked as slaves, taken by the British and then sold to South Carolina in the seventeenth century. The Caribbean peoples didn't really have a choice. They were slaves so the trip was involuntary, most men, women and children in the earliest time came from the Caribbeans {Inmotionaame}.

How they came?

"Since the seventeenth century Bridgetown, Barbados, had served as the first port of call for British ships crossing the Atlantic." After that shipping networks from Bridgetown had spread across the globe {Inmotionaame}.

Where they settled?

West Indians Blacks mostly lived in the cities East Coast. From New York to southern Florida, today there's also a growing Jamaican population in Los Angeles {Everyculture}.