Fit Tea!

Scam or Valid product?

What is Fit Tea?

Fit Tea is health suppliment that people all over the world are starting to use. It is a product said to help burn off those extra pounds you want to loose. The tea is a mixture of green tea leaves and Acai berry that utilizes its ingredients to increase the body's ability to lose weight. All you do is put the mix into a tea strainer, drop it in hot water, and it will start to work its magic!

Not a Scam

Although this product may seem a little too good to be true, Fit Tea is actually not a scam (depending how one looks at it). The tea is said to HELP people loose weight, not loose it for them. Fit Tea increases metabolism, diminishes hunger spurts, and energizes the body. That is the reason people will drink it before a workout or after a meal. It's called "Fit" Tea, because it helps someone stay fit. Meaning their energy level is up, they are more active, and their metabolism burns food more effitiently. That is why I think Fit Tea is a valid product.

Some Satisfied Fit Tea users