Child Abuse

Why does child abuse occur?

Child: A human being who is under the age of 18

What is child abuse?

When a parent.......

  • Causes or threatens to cause a physical injury except for an accident
  • Abandons the child
  • Fails to provide clothing, food, or supervision necessary for a child's age or level of development
  • Commits, or allows to be committed, any illegal sexual act involving the child

More Background information

  • Most people agree that causing serious physical harm to a child qualifies as abuse
  • But others see it as an appropriate form of discipline when conducted within reasonable limits

Why does this happen? (CAUSE)

There is no easy answer to this question, because many factors are involved. However, child abuse is most likely to occur when parents are struggling with......

  • Stress
  • Bad/painful childhood
  • Inexperience with children
  • unrealistic expectations
  • Alcohol/drugs
  • immaturity
  • Anger/other emotions

Effect on Children

Child abuse can effect children in many different ways including: mentally, physically, or in their appearance such as......
  • Cuts, bruises, burns, bleeding
  • Difficulty in walking or sitting
  • Poor hygiene
  • Inappropriately dressed
  • Eating disorder
  • Drug use
  • Self harm
  • Troubled sleeping
  • Suicide

Effect on Families

  • It can break families apart
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Mixed emotions
  • Pain
  • Difficulty sleeping


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