Disappearance of the Beothuk Tribe

Why They Disappeared Completely

How They Disappeared.

The Beothuk Tribe disappeared in approximately the time period of 1820-1830. Why they disappeared? That remains a mystery that has many theories. Our theory is that the Beothuk people died of conflict and of course, diseases. The conflict occurred with Europeans came to Canada, where they fought and the Europeans took their resources. They forced the Beothuk to scatter. Diseases, the main factor of death, were transmitted through the Europeans. The two most fatal diseases were tuberculosis and smallpox. Tuberculosis is a disease that inserts bacteria into your lungs. Tuberculosis is spread through lymph nodes and bloodstream to any opening in your body. Smallpox is an infective disease caused by two viruses: Variola Major and Variola Minor. Shanawdithit died of tuberculosis. Her death was believed to end the Beothuk People as a distinct cultural entity.


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