The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

Sidnedy Bradbury

1939 Nazi Germany: A young girl named Liesel Meminger and her brother were being adopted by the Hubermans. On the train there though, her brother died. In the graveyard he was buried is where Liesel stole her first book, even though she could not read. As the days passed in her new home she had nightmares, that's where she learned to read, with her step father as a guide. Soon a Jew named Max arrived at their house asking for help. He was hidden in the basement. Liesel stole three more books during this time. She shared them with Max, soon for her birthday Max decided to make her a book. When there were Air Raids many families went into one families basement. While everyone was scared Liesel read quietly out loud. Soon the basement got quiet and everyone was listening to the words Liesel was saying. When Max had to leave Hans Huberman waited for the Gestapo to come get him for being a Jew lover. He was sent to war. Liesels best friend Rudy and her foster father were taken by Death.

What I learned about the Holocaust

I learned many things about the Holocaust from this book. The fist is that not all Nazis were bad. They had families and cared for people too. In the book a Nazi soldier helped Liesel after she fell and made sure she was all right. The second thing I learned is that when the Jews left and there was less competition with other stores there was also less business. In the book Herr Huberman owns a paint shop but his best customers were Jewish, so when they left the Hubermans only got enough money to stay alive and on not a lot of food. My final lesson was that even for Germans, if you were not rich during the war, life was hard. in the book Liesel and her best friend Rudy stared stealing food because they were so hungry.


"Can we finish the book, please?"- Liesel Meminger, this quote shows that she cares about books and it is something that calms her when she is scared or nervous.

"For at lest twenty minutes, she handed our the story. The youngest kids were soothed by her voice" this quote from the book tells that she was meant to read. some people play the accordion, other instruments, Liesel used her voice to sooth people.

"Whenever she walked to and from school now, Liesel was on the look out for discarded items that might be valuable to a dying man" this quote is showing her compation for people, it didn't matter who, what race or religion, just that they needed someone to be there.


Even though this is a fiction book, Zusak make it seem truthful. He makes the characters lovable and hate-able. He brings the book to life with the characters. Sometimes I forget that this book is fiction, it is so real.
I did not realize that some Germans were affected by the Holocaust too. That they did not have a lot of money for food. Also that some Germans helped Jews in need even though it put their whole family at risk.I really liked this book because it didn't sugar coat the things that happened during World War 2.


I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 14. This book is exiting and intriguing. The beginning is a little slow but picks up very fast and makes you not want to stop reading till you finish. This book is sad and has truth in it even though it is fiction. This book is narrated by Death which gives it a certain quality not normally see by readers.

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