Newsletter by: Manasi Ramadurgum

The Shocking Truth about the Coven

Since the Witchlands were created, they have been protected by the Red Witches who live in the Mountain Covens. They use their magical abilities to predict the future and other arts in order to defend the country from the Baen. As payment, the villages pay the witches tithes, consisting of one fourth of their crop yield.

But an informant has revealed that the Coven is blind. They have not had a witch gifted with seeing powers since the death of the Lilla Red Bird. The Coven claims to be the chosen group of the goddesses Aayse and Aata, yet they no longer possess magic.

And Lilla Red Bird's own nephew, Ryder, refuses to live with the Coven, though he is gifted with magic. Instead, he chooses to travel with a Baen, claiming that the Coven only tells lies.

The History of the Witchlanders and the Baen

Ever since the Great War, there has been hostility between the Witchlands and the Baen country. Witchlanders all have white-blond hair while the Baen have dark hair and eyes, making it ridiculously simple to tell the difference between the two nations.

The Witchlanders rely on the Witch covens, who are largely female due to their belief in the goddesses Aata and Aayse. The witches use their magic to tell the future, using a technique called boneshaking. Across the Baen border, magicians sing to wield their magic. However, it is illegal for women to use magic, so the magicians are solely male.

Falpian: Baen Hero of the Witchlands

Recently, upon the attacks of the magically animated gormy men, a Baen magician used his magic to destroy the beasts. Although he is Baen, he claims that there are no sides and that his mother was actually a Witchlander. His name is Falpian, and he is the son of a rich family with a long history of magic. Although he is undeniably gifted with powerful magic, it wasn't long ago that his family gave up on him ever learning magic.

He was tutored in singing and spells since he was little, with his twin brother Farien. however, when they both turned 16, they had still not awakened their magic, and their father began to think that they had not inherited the gift. Soon after, Farien died in a tragic accident. He was sent away to mourn his beloved brother, but in truth, his father had a plan to sacrifice him in order to start a war between the Bitterlands and the Witchlands. But during this time, Falpian discovered his affinity for magic and escaped his father's assassin.

Afterwards, he assisted Ryder in purging the Coven of its evil and preventing the Baen from waging war, saving thousands of lives.