Michelangelo Buonarroti

By: Brayden Moreno

Early Years

Birth- March 6th, 1475, Caprese, Italy.

Parents- Son of Lodovico Buonarroti and Francesca

Occupations- Artist, Sculptor, Architect, Studied anatomy.

Education- He was apprenticed to Ghirlandaio, the Medici's helped with his study of vital renessiance artists, who inspired Michelangelo greatly.

Where he spent most of his life- In Rome and Florence Italy.

Lifestyle- When he was slowly becoming popular he was always moving from place to place. He had a good education.


Artwork- Statue of David, The Last Judgement painting, the dome that topped St. Peters Basilica.

Patrons- The Medici

Fame- "Michelangelo was one of the first artists to attain a degree of popular celebrity in his own lifetime"(Gale 1).

- Before he died he already had 3 biographies written about him.(Gale 1)

"The Creation of Adam"

-In 1511 Michelangelo created a painting called "The Creation of Adam".

-The painting was painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in rome.

-It signifies the creation of man, it also started a new trend of creating artwork on ceilings of important buildings.

-This piece is very interesting because it was painted high ontop of a ceiling and it is a very detailed painting, it is very exquisite.

- This piece relates to Humanism, because it focuses on skills and talent because it took a lot of talent to paint and skill to paint it on a ceiling.

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