The Worst and the Best

Helena's Jams

By: cora therber

3rd Period English-Language Arts

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Theme: Love brings out the worst and the best in people.

Throughout A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena realizes that love brings out the worst and the best in people. Demetrius at first is in love with Hermia, but Helena is in love with him. This brings out Helena's begging side and Demetrius' hateful side. Later, Demetrius falls in love with Helena, but she thinks he is making fun of her, bringing out her angry side. Eventually, Helena and Demetrius are married, bringing out their loving selves. All these feelings and emotions are true and they surfaced because of love.
HD Beyonce feat JayZ - Crazy in Love with Lyrics (Dangerously In Love)

"I look and stare so deep in your eyes...when you leave I'm begging you not to go"

"Crazy in Love" expresses Demetrius and Helena's love before he leaves her for Hermia. He "showered [her] with promises and swore he's be [hers] forever." (7) They had a marvelous love life. Judging from Helena's clingy behavior after the breakup, she was most likely clingy and needy during the relationship as well. She also was "crazy in love" with Demetrius, or she would not have followed him for so long afterwards, begging him to love her. This love brings out Helena's insecure and loving parts. She was both demonstrating neediness in a relationship, which is one of her uglier personalities, and love in a relationship, a nice personality.

Invisible - Taylor Swift - Lyrics on Screen

"And you just see right through me, but...we could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable, instead of just invisible."

"Invisible" shows the struggles Helena is facing because Demetrius does not return her love. She feels "invisible" compared to Hermia. Hermia is beautiful, charming, and the woman Demetrius is supposed to marry. Helena is jealous of Hermia, but she also feels rejected. All she wants is for Demetrius to love her, but he hates her. Helena would be slightly more satisfied if Demetrius did not care if Helena was in his life or not, but he tells her he despises her periodically. This feeling of rejection in love displays Helena's tender and sensitive side,
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (lyrics)

"I said maybe baby please, but I just don't know now, when all I wanna do is try."

"Somebody Told Me" shows Helena's feelings for Demetrius after he leaves her for Hermia. This song reflects feelings of jealousy and anger at people towards exes being in new relationships, and that is precisely what Helena is going through. "All [she wants] to do is try" another relationship with Demetrius. Helena's feelings of jealousy are reflected in the way she treats Hermia. Helena is constantly talking about how amazing Hermia is and how much Helena wishes she could be like her. She always complains about how little Demetrius loves her and how much he loves Hermia, and this song is about a previous partner being in love with someone else. Hermia's love brings out her jealous and angry side, which can be very strong and forceful.
Basset Hound - Jillette Johnson

"I wanna follow you around, like a dog, like a dog, like a basset hound."

A person begging to be loved in a relationship is represented in "Basset Hound." Helena literally followed Demetrius around attempting to get him to love her. She did "[have] a papercut heart, and it stings, baby, stings, from [Demetrius'] lemonade love." This love-hate relationship brings out the worst in both Helena and Demetrius. Demetrius is forced to be cruel to Helena because he loves Hermia. Helena is forced to creepily beg Demetrius to love her because she loves him.
One and Only - Adele (Lyrics)

"You'll never know if you never try to forgive your past and simply be mine."

"One and Only" expresses a person desperately wanting a person to love them. Helena wants Demetrius to love her so intently, she would even be happy if he killed her, just as long as it was his hands that ended her life. Helena wants Demetrius to be her "one and only." She does not care what he has done to her in the past, just as long as he will love her in the future. Helena's love for Demetrius brings out her desperate side, which can be very unpleasant. It also portrayed her loving and forgiving side, which can be sweet and kind, but also annoying.
Mary Lambert - Wounded Animal (new 2014)

"I carried your heart like a wounded animal...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't try hard enough."

Helena's feelings of rejection after Demetrius first confesses his love to her are expressed in "Wounded Animal." She was and still is madly in love with Demetrius, and she thought he was trying to make fun of her love. She carried her love for him "like a wounded animal," as she cared for him deeply but had been hurt so many times. Helena even had this emotion before she thought Demetrius was mocking her, but she is now exploding with all the pain and loss she has felt. She expresses these in an explosive way, becoming extremely angry with Demetrius, but she is still hurt. Her love for Demetrius shows her "wounded" and angry sides.
So what by p!nk with lyrics!! (clean Version)

"I'm gonna get in trouble, my ex will start a fight...we're all gonna get in a fight."

"So What" is the song Helena listened to after Demetrius and Lysander both told her they were in love with her. The song is about anger towards all those who have wronged you, and that is exactly what Helena was feeling. Admittedly, the men were not trying to insult her, they were under a spell, but Helena did not know this and felt hurt. While Lysander was announcing his love to her, Helena got mad. She accused Lysander of making fun of her due to the fact that nobody loves her. Then, Demetrius declared his love to her, and Helena was even more aggravated. She was offended because she thought two people making fun of her, especially about her love life, was extremely distasteful. Also, Demetrius, her "ex" got in a fight with Lysander over Helena, another cause of her distress. This so-called "taunting" in the name of love brought out Helena's anger, but also her strength to stand up for herself.
Who says - Selena Gomez - Lyrics

"Who says, who says you're not perfect...who says you're not pretty?"

This song reflects the time where Helena thought Demetrius and Lysander were making fun of her. They had confessed their love to her because of Oberon and Puck's spell. Helena had spent so long living with both men hating her, she believed it was a cruel joke for them to be in love with her. Helena felt like she was a failure, and she also assumed everyone thought Hermia was more beautiful than her. This song is assuring Helena that she is perfect and beautiful. Helena's feelings of worthlessness because she thought everyone hated her bring out her pitiable side as well as her lonely side.
Mary Lambert - When You Sleep (Audio)

"I could make you happy, I could make you love me, I could disappear completely, I could be your love song, I could be long gone, I could be a ghost in your eardrum, when you sleep."

This song is a love song, but at times it does give the idea of all-or-nothing love ("I could make you happy, I could make you love me..."). This reflects Helena and Demetrius' love when Helena finally accepts he is in love with her. Helena and Demetrius do end up having a beautiful love, just like in this song. Their love brings out the kindness and joy in both of them, two very good qualities. The other reason I chose this song is the fact that it does talk about doing anything for the person you love, and Helena did follow Demetrius around telling him she will do anything for his love before he loved her back. I am sure some of those all-or-nothing views will remain in their relationship on some level. Helena's love for Demetrius brings out her desperate side. This side might not be as strong now that Helena and Demetrius are in an official relationship, but Helena is very insecure. This insecurity will allow some level of desperation to seep into the marriage.
Taylor Swift - The Best Day

"But I know I had the best day with you today."

"The Best Day" was originally written to express a mother-daughter relationship, but it also expresses Helena and Demetrius' happy ending. The two of them went through many struggles to find their love, but in the end they were perfectly happy. This song portrays Helena's caring side. She loves Demetrius more than anything else, and this song represents her adoration for him. Helena did indeed have "the best day" with Demetrius on their wedding day.