The secret to an easy and successful entry in the new system

Attaching Online Orders to your Jewelry Bar

When you create a JB and have to give online ordering info. to the hostess and the guests of the event, follow these steps.

  1. Jewelry Bars > New Jewelry Bar Event.
  2. Create Jewelry Bar.
  3. Visit Jewelry Bar Dashboard and Get the ID (located to the left of the hostess info).
  4. Give the hostess/guests your website link. This will be
  5. Give them the Jewelry Bar ID.
  6. The guest MUST enter the Jewelry Bar ID at checkout. It appears after the payment screen. Once entered and APPLIED, a confirmation popup will appear with the hostesses name. Click yes/okay and it will attach to the Jewelry Bar.


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Enterting Jewelry Bar Orders in the Backoffice.

JEWELRY BARS - Follow these steps when entering a Jewelry Bar:

ALWAYS enter your Guest Orders FIRST, Click Save Order Button.

Move to the next guest and repeat.

REMEMBER YOU MUST Click on the ‘Save Order’ Button after each guests order is added.

AFTER YOU ENTER ALL GUEST ORDERS, YOU THEN APPLY ALL GUEST PAYMENTS to the guest orders. This must be done BEFORE moving on to the Hostess Order.

You can click the box to the left of the guests order if you want to pay multiple orders with one card.

Finally, Enter your Hostess Order and submit payment!

Tip: to make sure you receive full credit DO NO USE WHOLESALE PRICING.

If you follow these steps this will ensure that your Hostess receives the maximum benefits for her party.

It's also important to note that anything saved, cancelled or processed with show in your BO under orders.


1. Pending
2. Canceled
3. Accepted
4. Printed
5. Shipped

What it Means…

Pending = Open Order Saved in your Shopping Bag

Canceled = Order was Canceled and will NOT be Charged, Fulfilled or Shipped

Accepted = Order Submitted by Designer/Customer & Credit Card HAS been Charged

Printed = Order is being Picked, Packed & Prepared

Shipped = Order has been Picked Up from The Nest and on its way

Consolidated Shipping

{Consolidated Shipping aka $4 Shipping} - In order to get $4 shipping on guest orders, the follow criteria must be met. A minimum of 4 guest orders must ship directly to the hostess. Please note: Online orders count as part of your jewelry bar total but do count as one of the 4 orders shipping to the hostess because it was shipped direct to the customer. Please note, the $4 shipping fee calculates once your jewelry bar has a minimum of 4 guest orders shipping to the customer that total a minimum of $250. As soon as the 4th order is entered, the shipping fee will update within the guest order view. Be sure to look at the amount listed under the ORDER SHIPPING METHOD.. Do not look under order summary. Once all orders have been saved and you click Payments or Review order, then the correct shipping amount will be updated on the Order Summary as well. View the video below for additional information

Understanding Consolidated Shipping Video

Hostess Rewards

Our hostess rewards program has been updated. A qualifying jewelry a qualifying jewelry bar is one that has at least 4 guest orders that total minimum of $250 retail before shipping and tax. Once all qualifications are met and those orders are entered into the jewelry bar, hostess rewards will calculate. Click the link below to view our current hostess rewards flyer

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To Add Booking Rewards

After you complete entering your guests orders and applying their orders. You move to the hostess rewards.

You must add the guest who booked a party EVEN IF THEY DON'T ORDER.

You then go to the hostess order and choose the guest from the dropdown box next to GUEST JEWELRY BAR BOOKING.

It will add a 1/2 off item to the order and will also create a JB for that person.

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When rewards are not popping up.

Then you will have to put an item in the hostess retail.

The rewards will pop up.

Enter hostess rewards.

Go to Payments and delete the "retail" order that you entered (if indeed she wasn't ordering anything retail).

Rewards should stay.

Nest Support

Good News!

Designer Care is now open 24 hours per day, Monday through Saturday. Designer Care will close on Saturday evening at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) and will reopen at 8:00 a.m. (EDT) each Monday. This will help to even out the call volume. As a reminder, please remember that your Mentor is a great resource and should be your first point of contact.

To reach Designer Care, call (888) 491-0331

Before you contact your Mentor or Designer Care, please read the list below to see if it may help to answer your question(s).


  • Make sue you continually clear your cache as the nest works on the backoffice.

  • If you have only online/website orders, you must enter a retail item in the Jewelry Bar itself. It can be under the hostess and can be deleted later.

  • {PROCESS RETAIL PAYMENTS ONLY} You MUST process orders in RETAIL - NEVER WHOLESALE. The nest will post when this changes.

  • Amounts on each order cannot be edited/change. So discounts, etc. can only be given if you accept payment via cash, check or a swiper account and you then use your own card for Jewelry Bar payment.

  • Once you apply payments to an order in the backoffice and it says "settled or payment completed" the order will drop into the queue and they will begin the pick/pack/ship process. The Jewelry Bar does not need to be closed for this.

  • Payments cannot be split on an order. Full payment must be made on one card.

  • This system has a lot items that need to process. The system is slow and you MUST let it think. DO NOT keep pushing refresh or different buttons.

  • {Hostess rewards Order Shipping Fee} – Our system is currently charging a shipping fee for Hostess Retail orders. It is currently being reviewed by The Nest but in the meantime, do not delay closing a jewelry bar due to this. Go ahead and notify your hostess that there will be a fee for shipping the hostess retail order and close it and then request a refund for shipping from finance. Send an email to and include your full name, designer #, jewelry bar#, order # and request a refund for shipping on the hostess retail order only. See below for an example email. Sample Email Subject Line: Refund Request Order #123334443 Hello: I am Designer NAME #ID. I am writing to request a refund for the shipping fee that was charged to my hostess retail order from jewelry bar # 2344 Order #345566666. The shipping amount paid was $4. Please refund the credit card used to pay for the order. Thank you, NAME

  • PO Box HAS to have a period between the P and the O for it to process.

  • If you get errors, most likely you are having a BROWSER CONFLICT. This is NOT an issue with the nest. You will need to clear your cache (not just history) and change browsers if necessary.

  • To be safe, ALL INSCRIPTIONS orders should be processed through the website, not backoffice. Because they are direct shipped the shipping will always be $5.95 min. for orders containing inscriptions.

  • INSCRIPTIONS cannot be redeemed for hostess rewards at this time.

  • If you can't edit the JB info. Put a - or something in the 2nd address field but made sure everything else was filled in and it worked. The system removes many of the required text fields and does not specifically let you know that you need to update or add details. On the edit page designers need to review all text fields to make sure information is populated (except for 2nd phone field) all other fields must contain information or you will get the oops screen.

  • {Best Browser to use}: Safari has given me the best results personally. If you have continued issues, try downloading safari for windows if use a PC. The next best browsers for me personally, have been Chrome and Firefox.

  • {Mobile Devices/Tablets} – Our system will be enhanced to work better on a mobile device and tablet in the near future, for now, it is best to use a PC or Mac to access your designer website and backoffice. If you must use a tablet or mobile device, consider downloading Chrome on using that browser on your ipad or iphone. I am told that it gives a better experience.

  • If all else fails, {Use an Incognito Window} - While we are in this transition period, always start with an incognito window before logging in to the backoffice or using your website An incognito window will prevent you from having to clear cookies and cache each time and will give you the most recent version of the website with the new code. Click the video below for a quick tutorial on how to get an incognito window. You may also view the PDF document that created by The Nest. (find these below)

Red Stamp - Digital and Paper Invites and Correspondence

Red Stamp is available online and through mobile apps.

It allows us to send digital or paper correspondence including but not limited to invites and thank you's with the O2 Branding. It's also a GREAT VISUAL way to make sure your guests are using the correct Jewelry Bar ID when ordering online.

Michele M. Bradley {Director}

Independent Designer and Director of Team SWIFT.