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Weekly newsletter for staff 15th March 2019


Another busy week completed and a chance to talk to parents about their children. I have had some lovely feedback from parents this week and from talking to you all, it seems that parents' evening was overall very positive. This is down to your hard work and commitment to our pupils so thank you.

I have no reflection this week as I am writing from home & left the book at school but I did want to draw your attention to all the Lent and Easter resources for primary schools on the Christian Aid website. I will be using the assembly resources over the next few weeks in worship.

Have a lovely (if soggy) weekend,

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • School Improvement Visit - You will now be aware that Donna Kettle will be visiting school on 3rd April. Her focus on this visit will be EYFS & KS1 so I will meet with these classes to go through the timetable and what she wants to see. The focus on the 1st May visit will be KS2.
  • Target Tracker Data - Please ensure that your end of Spring term data for RWM is on TT by 31st March (all classes) as I need to send it to Donna by 1st April!
  • Support Plans - Please ensure that all your support plans are completed and shared with parents before Easter.
  • Timetables - Please can class teachers let me have a copy of their weekly timetable on a Monday each week. First person, start a new folder please.
  • Staff Meetings - Please see the dates attached below for the rest of this term

Tuesday 19th March - Feedback from Book Look & Parent council

Thursday 28th March - KS1 Writing Moderation

Tuesday 2nd April - KS2 Writing Moderation

Thursday 11th April - Kirk Fenton Book Look - cancelled

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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 18th -

  • Y6 Bikeability
  • 09:15 Linda Smith to see KW (TSA)
  • 10:30 Parents to see KW (JW Y1)
  • 13:00 KW/BH NYCC contract review
  • 15:30 SLT Meeting

Tuesday 19th -

  • Y6 Bikeability
  • SB out Thrive course
  • 09:00 KW Strategy Meeting Selby SJ (Y5)
  • 09:30 Amelia Formstone to see OD, AG (YR)
  • 13:00 Courtnay PE CPD Y1 & Y6
  • 15:30 Staff Meeting

Wednesday 20th -

  • Y6 Bikeability
  • 09:15 Sue Coward to see EH (Y5) & MA (Hedwig)
  • 12:00 KH meeting Sue Coward
  • 13:00 KS1 cricket
  • 13:15 NSPCC workshop Y5 & Y6
  • 13:30 Sheryl (SALT) to see KH re OD (YR)
  • 13:30 Geraldine NYCC to see HH, JMcK & AC
  • 14:15 NSPCC meeting for parents Online safety

Thursday 21st -

  • Y6 Bikeability
  • 09:30 Errol Assembly
  • 13:00 BC to Science Network
  • 13:00 Y5/6 x 9 High 5 Netball @SHS
  • 14:00 Mrs Peace (Gov) to see CTu (KW cover)

Friday 22nd -

  • Y6 x 4 @ NY Youth Conference

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Thank you and Well done.....

Emma would like to says thanks to the following people:

Jacqui and Becca for bringing me much needed cups of tea during parents eve.

Kerry for sharing her amazing homemade soup.

Satu and Judith for baking cakes and scones for the staff room on Friday.

Thanks also to all staff that have been on the playground at lunchtime again this week, I really do appreciate your help when we are short here, and also to everyone that took their turn to man the book fair this week.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Phil - Sunday 17th, Sarah D - Weds 20th