Citizenship,Law,and Justice of Rome

People Didn't have the same rights

Male had all the rights

Women couldn't vote and they only had a limited amount of rights

Slaves had almost no rights

Freedmen only had a limited amount of rights


Slaves were beaten or they were given hard work or they were often crucified
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They could vote, they could go to court, and they can have their own properties.
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The US Justice

People have the same rights

People have the same rights. No matter if your a women or a man, you still have the same rights.
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Slaves in the US

In the us there is NO slaves anymore.
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Things in common-

One thing that they have in common is that if a person that is not from America but they come here to have a baby or they where born here they automatically become citizens.Rome had courts and trials like the U.S

Different things-

Rome used to have slaves and didn't have the same rights for everybody and the U.S doesn't have slaves and everybody has the same rights. Rome had freedmen but the U.S doesn't. Also, women's in the U.S have all the rights just like men but at Rome women didn't have all the rights but men did. The role of the judges and the lawyers said different from the ones of the U.S

Laws were focused on marriage,inheritance,and contracts between people

If a person ever committed a crime they could give him a fine but if the crime was severe then he or she can get kicked out of Rome for ever or could get executed