Ottoman Empire

And Suleiman the magnificent

The ottomans

They first began as a group of nomadic Turks. As religion spread , This empire formed. The name was taken by the first leader called Osman but but later called him Ottoman and his followers ottomans. This empire was successful in conquering the Mediterranean sea, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Constantinoplel and North Africa.

The Empire Lasted 1299-1922

The leader of its golden age was Suleiman the magnificent. He was born on November 6th 1494 and died in 1566. Suleiman captured many areas and extended his empire. He constructed schools, Dams, strong houses and aquaducts that remain intact today.

The Empire Declines

Eventuly Suleiman killed his son and exiled another. This made the tradition of brothers killing and imprisoning relatives to gain total power. This lead to a long period of economic and political issues later on in time.