Illegal Immigrants

by Carmen Espinoza

Thesis Statement

For them to cross the boarder without paperwork or visa is for start a new life and getting their dream job to have determination

What immigrants reason to cross the boarder?

There reason for crossing the border is they need to get away from violence and abuse from their home to get to safety for protecting their child and family of getting harmed, or their child going to bullying leading to depression; another reason inside the article are talking how many immigrants is tired to be mistreated by not getting paid at their jobs

Why the speech of Donald Trump speech saying'' we need to build a wall?''

Many immigrants who live in the states are not pleased, with Trump speech they had dreams. There some Pro and Con's of this argue, like for example the con's is be a Berlin wall trap the Germany.

Who the president won't pay for the wall?

The former Mexican president Vicente Fox respond of that wall question'' I'm not paying for that wall! He had the money should pay for it.'' Of Vicente Fox former president answer the question anger and furious worry that many Hispanics vote 44 in Nevada about Trump. When at the article he saying tell America and Hispanics to open their eyes and reveal that Trump is a fake prophet.

Does the illegal immigrant made the economy low?

People ask some immigrant are not burden to Americans when in their jobs are not paying them low and the wage for adults without high-school diploma between 17-74. Many immigrants had not paying that much in their job for paying their child education, or the bills in their house and apartment also their health care in the family.

Where do most part of the state has a riot?

In California has the most riot, because many Hispanics has argue with Trump Supports along with other people who are non-Trump Support. Explain of this riot is that Hispanics and other immigrant disagree with Trump how they think are disgrace, then one question made them angry or furious that huge argue of Trump wonder how cruel of his question of the immigrants of them being racism it's hurt them and made the supporters vote.

Is possible for immigrant from escape war zone, and the violence or not ?

Some immigrant escape the war zone from Syria, or Central America although many didn't made it through the boarder of the bruises. A few families walk to the boarder, from getting their children to safety of get abuse by the parent; when they cross the boarder it will forget their horrible thoughts and start a new life without get harm or injuries to death.

Which cause the strike to happen?

The reason is that fourth immigrant detention facility in Adelanto, Ca they protest detainees having food in recent weeks. It hard for them to get food, because the U.S secretary admission to unauthorized immigrant communities more than half the population is food secure. Often can't afford the food have harvest with their own hands.

What the costs of their health care ?

Of the estimated in the United States current is 11 million immigrants who came in this country and cost their taxpayers $34 billion annually. In year of 2007 report of the American medical association found
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