Qing dynasty

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Qing dynasty can be a culmination of all arts styles that have been developed during the past 2500 years. Unlike ming artists painters used odd shapes and sizes for their art.

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Qing adopted the state Doctrine of Confcaisam as their religion. Qing believed that all sacrifices go to heaven, the earth, and the ancestors.

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The manchu people decandaint tribe of the tunsus Jurchen people that had founded by Jin dynasty. The successor by Liao and not Hong Song Dynasty. In northern china the manchu people lived was later called Mantona. Today the process of hilar sang Jin and Lio.The last phase of prosperity of china was seen during the region known buray ruled over the realm that was economically and culturally prosperous where scholarship with works of great influence.
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Politics 2

Qing expanded china's borders and often tend the crops so the city will have more food. He recovered damage by wars spent money on roads and canals he supported trade allowed florsh items and produced supplies. He had a strong economy to support the military.

Over the years officials of the government went week and Qings money for the military became money for the bribes and personal fortunes of the government officials. The needs of of the poor were gone as well as damaging crops.

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Daily life

Qing emperors ruled an empire that was largely chinese as mancheeze they were outnumbered thirty to one in order to keep their government posts to the reserved important government posts for the manchew they also maintained an army that was entirely manchu