Leibniz University Hannover Co-op


Are you interested?

Join us to hear Prof. Hans-Jeorg Jacobsen present co-op opportunities at the University on Wednesday, September 18th at 6:00 at Stearns 431.


COOP students will be integrated in one of the research teams, where they will cooperate with one of the Ph.D. students and contribute to her/his project. After introduction in the respective topic and the lab, they will work on a small project .

Like the other lab members, guests will attend lab meetings, and they will present their own results by the end of their stay. When it applies, native English speakers will be asked to help Ph.D. students preparing manuscripts to be submitted to international journals.

Research topics could include bio-economy and crop production, removal of pharmaceuticals from water, and other areas of interest to students studying Environmental Science/Studies, Bio-informatics, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering, Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry.

German language skills are not necessary!

We look forward to seeing you there!