The Diary of a young girl

By: Anne Frank


  • The genre of this book is literary non-fiction
  • auto-biography because Anne Frank wrote her expirience in the time period when hitler ruled Germany and the Natzi's invaded.
  • Anne frank struggles through hard times in the book because she is forced to live with 3 other families, share old food, and go into hiding.
  • She is strong and brave. Anne Frank inspires me because in many ways, Anne Frank was a typical teenager she went to movies and got ice cream with friends, she got good grades except in math, and she liked boys. She was just a typical girl and she accomplished so many things in her life. Going through those hard times is tough as it is and especially if you haven't even gotten to live very long.
  • "Despite everything, I believe that people are good at heart." This quote was inspiring because even though people were so cruel to her just because she was Jewish, she beloved that down in everyone's heart there is good inside them. This just shows how strong and kind-hearted she was.
  • I would recommend this book to everyone because it teaches you that in life there are hard times but you have to have hope.