Student Conferences, E-Day, and JAT

Conferences - Thursday, October 4th

Student Conferences & E-Day

A few have shared some questions about conferences. I'm including a few points of information regarding our structure and approach for the 2018-2019 school year.

Note: Our Related Arts team is available for conferences as well. Please take time to visit Art, Music, STEM, & Wellness to learn more about your child's progress and experiences in these areas. You can visit them anytime during the day on October 4th, 11:00-7:00 PM.

Student-led Conferences:

This is year two where a majority of our teachers and students lead conferences together. This fall, a vast majority of our conferences at Boone Meadow are student-led. Students and teachers have invested a significant amount of time in preparation to share their reflections, their learning, and their goals. The student and teachers worked together to get their message just right and be prepared to share with you. They want to "own" their responsibility in the learning. It may be "new" to many, but it has been around for decades. I was conducting student-led conferences when I was teaching in TN nearly 20 years ago.

We know that our students come to us ready and very capable. Boone Meadow strives to be a place where we expect students to lead, make responsible choices, drive some of their own learning, take risks, and build their capacity. Last school year, a majority of our teachers opted to move toward student-led conferences as a way for students to be empowered to share their learning, thinking, successes, struggles, and most importantly, their goals. Some of the most powerful conferences I have observed over the years were facilitated by our youngest learners. With proper guidance and direction, they are highly capable.

Throughout ZCS, a large number of elementary conferences are student-led. This will continue to be a focus area for future student progress conferences as it aligns with our district mission and priorities with student agency and empowerment.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

We completely understand that there are some matters that need to be discussed between the adults that are influencing the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students. If needed, those conversations will always be honored by our team as needed throughout the school year. Our team is willing to meet with you to unfold next steps and develop action plans to support students when needed. Those discussions should not be reserved for a single 20-30 minute time slot only in October. These conversations should be fluid as needed, and respond to needs in real time. I would expect concerns and celebrations would be communicated with you as they unfold. Please know that you may request conferences with your child's teacher when they are needed, and may occur throughout the year within reason.

As always, our door is open to these important and sensitive conversations.

A few last items:

Sharing information about student progress is an important focus area for us, especially for our youngest learners.

  • The conference days (elementary schools only) will occur on the afternoon of October 3rd (2:30-3:30PM) and on October 4th from 11:10AM to 7:00PM.
  • Grades Kindergarten through 4th grade will have an E-Day on October 4th. (Teachers and students will be engaged in student conferences throughout the day.)
  • Assignments posted (on our learning management system CANVAS) will be released on October 3rd and will have approximately one week to complete. This time delay in turning in the assignments accommodates those who have difficulty with home access to the online content (just as we do with e-days for snow or other school cancellation make-ups)

We look forward to seeing you at the table,



PTO's biggest fundraiser is in full swing! The students had a great day last Friday, and the donations are beginning to roll in. In order for students to be considered for the prizes, donations need to be in on Friday, October 5th. PTO will still gladly accept donations after that, but consideration for prizes deadline is 10/5/18.

Through the generosity of our community and the support we receive through this event, Boone Meadow is able to support student learning through increased literacy resources, educational experiences, study trips, technology integration, campus improvements, and more. The annual Jog-A-Thon fundraiser is an exciting tradition where 100% of the proceeds raised stay at Boone Meadow for students and the school community.

Other important items:

  • Our goals is to obtain a $50 pledge/student for a school-wide goal of $19,500
  • Money in pledge envelopes should be returned to school by Friday October 5th.

    · Please make checks payable to Boone Meadow PTO. We also accept cash payments, or credit card via Snowball, a new donation website. (See below)

Thank you for your tremendous support.

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