Levi Strauss

the blue jean king

meet Levi strauss

Do you know the man i'm about to tell you about created the very first blue jeans so if he didn't create them nobody would ever think of blue jeans and you would ever have any.

His mid and late life

He was born in Bavaria Germany on 1822. In his family there was Louis, Jacob, Jonas, and Lippman then Mary. Mary was his wife. She died in 1922 so then he married Rebecca haas. He had 4 children by his first wife there names were Jacob, Louis, Lippman, and Jonas. His second wife had 2 kids. He died when he was 83 in 1902.

His accomplishments

He created the first blue jeans. He helped our society by creating blue jeans. It helped our society because minors finally got sturdy pants because their safer then what they were wearing.

What I learned

I think he was thoughtful because he didn't have to make the blue jeans for the minors. I'm glad he created blue jeans because, if he didn't I wouldn't have my blue jeans and there my favorite type of pants.