A day in the life of the ED

Theresa Edison- ED Director

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our newsletter. We hope this will be another way to keep you informed.

First all, I am glad to be here. Thank you to everyone who attended the open staff forums. It was great to hear all your ideas about making our department the best the department to work in for all of you. I listened closely to your concerns and am trying hard to make some changes based on your feedback. I posted the minutes of the open forum in the bathroom and break room. Please read through them and feel free to come see me if you have any questions.

Based on your feedback, we are taking a close look at the staffing process. We heard you loud and clear :)

In partnership with CNA, we are going live on June 21st with our new "scheduling" pilot. Stay tuned for more details. We also developed a staffing indicator tool to help us increase our staffing when census rises. Additionally we have gotten approval to hire over 12 travelers to cover all the FMLA's in the department. Additionally we have created new positions ( more 12 hr shifts).

We also have some new additions to our management team:

Angie Canas, RN MSN CEN has accepted the Nurse Manager position. She will start in July and is replacing Brenda George.

Tracy Broce RN MSN CEN has accepted the new weekend night shift Asst. Nurse Manager position. She will start when she returns from maternity leave in November.

Bridget Murphy RN MSN CNS and Tara Gruprete RN MSN (both are former house supervisors) will share the M-F ANM role (replacing Eric Desillets). They both start on July 6th.

On June 15th, we are going to be trialling our new PIT/ TRIAGE intake process. Stay tuned for more details explaining the trial, but in a summary, the triage/ intake counter out front will move into PIT directly. Our goal is to get the patient medically screened faster, improve their overall experience and get them in and out quicker.

Please feel free to stop by, text ( 408) 598-9011, or email theresa.edison@kp.org ( notice I left out "calling".. I am horrible with the phone) if you have any questions, concerns, or good ideas. My door is always open.

More to come!


EPIQC Corner

*Our ED Quality Committee has voted on a new name. It is now Emergency Process Improvement and Quality Committee AKA EPIQC!

*PIT...Remember to encourage URINE collections early. Hand out collection containers while being roomed and possible stop on the way. If at a stand still in PIT, send them to the bathroom then. GYN EXAMS...also room these patients with our GYN kits that we stoke in PIT.

*TUBE SYSTEM... There has been a long travel time. Roy will be working with engineering to run a data sheet and find out exact times.

*CDU Patients and Meds.... Lots of meds required for CDU patients that are not being delivered in the mornings. Suggestion to have night RN's order them? Brenda also is communication with pharmacy to see if they can stock more high use meds in PIXIS.

*New STROKE guidelines.... Our Mnhiss times and neuro assessment times are changing. Lora is reviewing them with us and be sure to educate yourself on the guidelines.

*TRANSPORTING IV's....Clamp if not critical! It saves transport time in changing over pumps.

*NARCOTIC RX'S...Eric communicating with UBT on getting more consistency in placing laminated cards in slots when script has been faxed.

* COPAYS...Reg clerks are having difficulty collecting with such quick turn around times. Working on a new system, possible arm band that only registration will remove upon pt. leaving.

*DOOR TO EKG for our cardiac patients...12 min. in Jan, 14 min. in March. Should be 10 minutes!!! It is the triage RN's responsibility to ensure it is done.

*If your interested in getting more involved with the department, consider joining our committee! If you are unable to attend, call in on the polycom to participate. Forward your email to committee chairs Dr. Holmes or Dr. Liang.

Educator Corner

Employee Spotlight

Welcome to some of our new employees! Dwight Espensen, RN (Traveler from Texas), Steve Elliott, RN (Traveler originally from Virginia), Resmi Biju, RN (full-time from India) and Natasha Barrun, RN (full-time from Hayward).
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CEN Noggin

Which assessment finding would the nurse expect in a patient diagnosed with thyrotoxic crisis?

A. Increased appetite

B. Hypothermia

C. Tachydysrhythmias

D. Lethargy

Thyrotoxic crisis (thyroid storm) occurs with rapid elevation in thyroid hormone levels. It results in a hypermetabolic state characterized by hyperthermia, agitation and tachydysrhythmias.

Q's from ENA CEN Review Manual, fourth edition.