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What's UP in Room 203?

I hope you all enjoyed the cold, rainy weekend! It's about time we've received some nicer fall weather! This week will be busy and full of fun with Pumpkin Day on Friday!

Super Student: Tucker

Pawsitive Panther for September: Jack Provost

Academic News for the Upcoming Week


We will finish up Topic 2 with a lesson on part-part whole, then we will move into Topic 3. In Topic 3 students will learn various strategies for how to solve addition and subtraction. Your children have done fairly well with Topic 2 content and they are very eager to move on!

Keep in mind, students will continue to have math homework to reinforce skills learned in class as well as Daily 6 Review on Thursday nights. Also, please please please continue to work addition/subtraction facts at home.


We are continuing to learn how to visualize in our reading. Last week students were given a paragraph and after each sentence I stopped and had them draw what they were visualizing. This week, we will move onto visualizing with picture books and poems. This also ties in greatly with how we should be descriptive in our writing.

Science/Social Studies

For the Three Branches of Government project, I allowed students to pick their partner and I will say this, I am very impressed! They have all been on task researching and working well together. Students will get the rest of this week to finish up and their slideshow will be due on Friday.

Your child has the information sheet for what is expected in their Research folder in the classroom. We have gone over this together. Your child will get time in class to complete the project, but if they need more time, they are more than welcome to meet outside of class.


We are in full swing for our Monster Sharing Project! Groups have been formed and they have all designed their monster. Our next step is to draw our monster in Google Drawings and write up a description using the writing process.

For grammar, we are working on Angry Verbs! Students each got to pick a angry bird and color it in any way they chose. Then, they were asked to write a description of their Angry Verb or to write a story about it. This is another piece that we plan on taking through the writing process. At the end, students will highlight the action verbs and the linking verbs in two different colors.


We will be taking our Unit 3 spelling test tomorrow. Friday's are no good for us! The day goes by too quick! I think we will start taking our spelling tests on the second Thursday. Let's try it out and see how it works.

Your Unit 4 list will be going home tomorrow as well.

Rule: In a two-syllable base word with one middle consonant sound immediately after a short vowel, the middle consonant is doubled.

Example: rabbit, puddle, tunnel

Non-negotiables: study, however, heard, haven't, second

Dash and Dot Robotics

We are in the full swing of the Robotics Competition! On Friday, we recorded about 3 teams Mission 1, and almost every teams team introduction. They turned out so cute!

We are in current need of having some parents help us make more grids on butcher paper. Our classroom is way to small to have a 9 foot by 9 foot grid in, so we have decided to create more grids on butcher paper so we can roll them up when we're finished. If you are interested in helping us out, please let me know! We need at least 6 more and we need them quickly!

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Classroom News by Major Roberts

Now on National News….


Project X-Ray has a wearable hologram that you can only see in hololens. In this game, the action happens around you. Holograms act like real objects. They can interact with your environment and each other. This technology will change the way we play video games in the future.

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Important Dates

Pumpkin Day!

Friday, Oct. 30th, 12:15pm

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX

Report Cards

Friday, Oct. 30th, 5pm

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX

Online Auction Begins!

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 10am

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX

Don't forget to bid on Teacher Gifts of Time. I asked the class what they'd like to do with me and I picked the top two! I'd love to spend time with your little ones!