Marc Rivas

Something I did yesterday

I went to the dentist I got my first cavity token out since I was like in third grade.It hurt alone and it was cold and it was a lot of pain.I wanted to give up but I couldn't because I was half asleep.

Something I do well

I learned that being my self is the best way to live life to the fullest.I can turn up to every thing that I listen to. I have lots of friends because I am friendly and funny.

Something about my child hood

I crash a lot I've crashed almost every motorized vehicle I have owned.Ive crashed all my four wheelers and go carts and golf cart. I have also broken allot of my belongings.

Something I learned last week

I learned not to walk at night by you're self because you might get run over.I almost got run over because I was walking late on the road. I had came from my friends house because we had a party.

Something I can't live without

Something i can't live without is water because I need it.It keeps me hydrated and alive without hallucinating and tripping.I love the taste of it it is delicious.

Something I like to listen or watch

I love to listen to music it calms me down and keeps me meow.I feel like i would be weird without music my ears would not have pleasure.My ears would be lonely without music to there ears.