Charli Swinton

What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

The cost or pursuing your dreams is losing virtues. A well known saying states the "patience is a virtue". Patience can be lost when trying to achieve a dream. There is also the virtue of being practical, the virtue of prayer and a lot more.

Gordon Gekko: Greed is good

One cost of pursuing a dream is your virtues. When wanting to achieve a dream quickly, being practical can sometimes be lost on the way. The virtue of being practical plays a major role in achieving dreams. In Gordon Gekko speech, addressing Teldar Paper stockholders, Gekko calls out the corporate men leading the company. Gekko calls out Cromwall by saying " And where does Mr. Cromwall put his million- dollar salary? Not in Teldar stock; he owns less than 1 percent." The point that Gekko is trying to make is that Cromwall is being impractical. He is asking all of the stockholders to put money into a stock in which he is putting very little into. Cromwall had become greedy and wanted others to invest and keep most of his money.

Wall Streets' Great recession Cost Us All $30 Trillion

One cost of pursuing a dream is your virtues. One of the most common phrases connected with virtues is "patience is a virtue". In this article it explains that the U.S. Federal Insurance Corp.'s had very little patience and wanted to make money fast. They put in $2.4 billion into Citigroup which "marks the end of Uncle Sam's investment (or bailout)" Many people were upset with this decision and it helped put us into $30 trillion debt which is hard to get out of.

Nickel and Dimed

One cost of pursuing a dream is your virtues. Being impractical can cause you to become unreliable to people around you. Greed can cause unreliability with some people. People can get so greedy that they try and get too much and realize they have made a mistake. In the book Nickel and Dimed, by Barabra Ehenrenreich, she explains that she tries to live her everyday life on a minimum amount of money. She wants to find a job that pays minimum wage or close to get by. As she is looking for the job she looks in the help wanted ads in the news paper and deems them unreliable after applying for 20 jobs and non elf them calling back. Work places were false advertising their jobs and trying too hard to get workers but they didn't want overly qualified people which made them greedy for not excepting the help that they asked for.

Inside Job

One cost of pursuing a dream is your virtues. Many bankers in the inside job were impatient and wanted to earn money quickly. Instead of waiting for the money the bankers decided to lie and cheat their way to the dream while breaking the law. They lost a lot more than just their virtues they also broke a lot of their relationships and ones they probably won't ever be able to repair.