Benefits of Fashion Events

by: Leslie Maines and Brooke Keller


1. Gain promotion or to sell to help from the manufacturers.

2. Discover new sources of lines unused by the manufacturers.

3. Seeing entire lines of vendors' latest merchandise.

4. Networking with other buyers.

5. Attending education seminars, meetings, and other planned events.


Tricia Smith–"Buyers need to have a true passion for fashion and trends of all kinds. Immerse yourself in everything from pop culture to runway shows, magazines, and celebrities–because everything influences the customer."

Jen Paul–"Don't personalize your buys. Just because you like something doesn't mean the customer will. Be prepared to think on your feet, travel at a whim's notice, and make mistakes! Not everything you buy is going to sell."

Russel Orlando–"Learn as much about fashion and the history of fashion as you can. Know who your favorite designers are and why."