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October 2, 2020

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Upcoming Athletic Events

Last week of Fall Sports!

Cross Country 10/5 AWAY vs. County @ Danville MS 4:30PM

7th grade Football 10/7 AWAY at AHS VS. AMS North 6:00PM

8th grade Football 10/7 AWAY at AHS vs. AMS North after 7th grade game

Good Luck to all of our teams this week!

Attention AMS South Student and Parents:

We are preparing now for the winter athletic season. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions we cannot host four basketball games in one evening this year. The social distance guidelines prevent us from hosting basketball games in our East Gymnasium.

Because of these restrictions both AMS North and AMS South will only have two boy’s basketball teams (one seventh grade and one eighth grade) and two girl’s basketball teams (one seventh grade and one eighth grade) this school year.

Our coaches will select approximately 10-12 players to participate on each of our basketball teams. We will not have B teams this year due to these COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Boy’s Basketball tryouts will begin October 26, 2020

Girl’s Basketball tryouts will begin December 3, 2020

Please Note: Only students attending full time classes in person at AMS South are eligible to participate on AMS South athletic teams.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Dan Chapin, AMS South Principal

Celebrating Birthday's this week!

Happy Birthday

to our students celebrating a birthday this week:

Nizar Abbar

Olivia Fruitt

Rian O'Maley

Abigail Stratton

Jermell Grandberry

Lucas Kenworthy

Jackson Dooley

Lauren Kruse

Varinder Singh

Stephen Cary

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National Junior Honor Society will offer after school study help sessions on Monday’s and Wednesday's after school from 2:45 - 3:30PM. Students will then go to the cafeteria and wait for the late bus. During this time, there will be a supervisor in the cafeteria with the students while they wait for the late bus to arrive. Students that will be a car rider home on these days can be picked up at door 1 at 3:30PM.

If your student will be staying for the study session and they need bus transportation home they must sign up for the late bus in the Guidance Office at lunch that day. For those students taking the late bus home, the bus will leave AMS South at 4:30pm.


Have you taken pictures of our Orioles at a game, match, or event? If you attended a game/event and take pictures, you can submit them here for a chance for them to be in the yearbook! The link allows you to browse your camera roll on your phone, or access files on the computer to upload. Help us make our yearbook a great one!

Click the link below to take you to our webpage on Jostens site to upload photos.


Each week your child's team will give an update about the current week or week ahead. Please find your child's team below for that information. In addition, you will find news from our Encore teachers, Media Center, and PE/Wellness teachers.

Grizzlies News

Ms. Weinstein, Ms. Tomlinson, Mr. Livingston & Mr. Fields

In both Math 7 and Pre-Algebra, students will review for the unit test that will be on Thursday, October 8th. In Science, next week we are continuing to learn about forces by focusing on friction. We might be playing tug of war to learn about net force. Language Arts students will be begin to read A Raisin in the Sun. Social Studies classes will finish up the unit on climates and begin studying for their exam on Friday, October 9th.

Jaguars News

Mrs. Ringham, Miss Hickey, Mrs. Fee & Mr. Wolf

Social Studies classes will take their Quarter 1 exam on Friday. Science students will complete a sticky shoe lab. Math 7 students will review for their integer operations assessment which will be given on Thursday. Pre-Algebra students have an assessment over proportional relationships on Thursday and will review this week. Language Arts classes begin Unit 7B and will be reading the play A Raisin in the Sun.

Jaguars teachers would like recognize students who stand out:

Amir Williams, Chandler Quarles, Ania Kilburn, Joel Ikamba, and Amarri Cannon

Knights News

Mr. East, Miss Skoniecke, Mrs. Snyder & Mrs. Wheeler

In Language Arts, we will be starting Unit B: Character & Conflict. Students will begin reading A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. Science classes will continue with our exploration of forces by learning about friction. We will be doing a simulation and an experiment. Ask your student when they come home what the force of friction is between their shoe and the floor! In Social Studies, students will be completing a gallery walk activity on Monday to wrap up the unit over weather and climate. Students will spend Tuesday-Thursday working to review for their Q1 exam on Friday. Students will have multiple items to use in order to prepare: Review sheet, quizlet flashcards, and a quizizz game. Math 7 will be reviewing for their test on Thursday.

Pre-Algebra will wrap up their unit on proportions.

Foresters News

Mrs. DeBow, Ms. Tobin, Mr. Rodgers & Mr. Thoennes

Pre-Algebra students will wrap up their unit on linear functions with a test on Thursday. Algebra students will test over simplifying expressions on Tuesday and the work with using equations to solve story problems. Language Arts students are continuing with Frederick Douglas and looking at the Declaration of Independence and the idea that “all men are created equal”. Science students are finishing classification of organisms and starting a project where students get to create their own organisms. Social Studies students are testing over unit 3 on Tuesday.

Greyhounds News

Mr. Gullion, Mr. Casey, Mr. Osen & Mrs. Warthan

In Math, we will have a multi-representations test next week and begin working on systems of equations. Algebra will have a Chapter 3 test and begin working on systems of equations as well. In Social Studies, will be covering the beginning of the Revolutionary War. There will be an exam on Tuesday (10/6). The study guide was passed out on this past Friday (10/2). Science students will be working on Build a Beast Project. Biology students will have an Ecology part 2 exam. In Language Arts, we are working on The Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglas.

Panthers News

Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Hood, Mr. Jaynes & Mr. Williams

In Language Arts, we will be reading and analyzing chapters 8 & 9 of Frederick Douglass. Science students will continue our discussion on levels of classification of life, introduced binomial nomenclature, and end the week building make believe beasts. In Biology, we will begin discussion on how population impacts our natural resources. Friday there will be an Ecology 2 test. Social Studies will be wrapping up causes of the American Revolution, and taking our 3rd Unit test next week on Tuesday Oct 6th or Wednesday Oct 7th TBD. Pre-Algebra is concluding their unit of Equations and Linear Equations. The test will be Wednesday October 7th. Algebra is wrapping up the Unit and have a test on Tuesday Oct 6. They will have plenty of practice problems to help prepare for the test.

Encore News

Señora Barker (Spanish), Mrs. Hauptmann (Japanese), Mrs. Rewolinski (Computer Science), Mrs. Leonard (Art), Mrs. Gleissner (FACS), Mr. Hamsley (Engineering and Technology),

and Mrs. Woods (ELL)


Students will be continuing to express their likes and dislikes and will have a writing and reading test on Thursday.


Students will continue their study of hiragana characters. We will also discuss vacation plans.

Computer Science

This week in computer science we will continue exploring Code.org and beginning work in Web and Game lab.


Students will manipulate a variety of sculptural methods to design and create a series of 4-6 paper sculpture reliefs with texture.

7th grade FACS

7th Grade will begin the Sewing and Textiles unit.

8th grade FACS

8th Grade will explore the Child Development unit.

7th grade Engineering and Design & 8th grade Gateway to Technology

7th and 8th grade will be completing their safety tests and learning about Orthographic Projections.

PE/Wellness News

Mrs. Porep, Mrs. Lucas & Mr. James

Wellness is off to a great start for the 2nd quarter. Students who are new to Wellness took the fitness pre-tests for sit ups and push ups while returning students were able to enjoy the beautiful weather walking at the track. Students have selected their units for the next two weeks; Pickleball, Weight Lifting, or Lifetime Activities. Pickleball is a game similar to tennis, but played with a smaller paddle and plastic ball. The weight lifting group is learning proper lifting technique and rotating through teacher guided weight machines. Lifetime Activities is a mixture of fitness and games and the activity changes daily. All students will be working on core strength and flexibility on Wednesdays. Please make sure your student has tennis shoes each day. They do have access to a small locker near the gym to store shoes if they do not want to bring them or wear them every day.

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Music Department News

Mrs. Wagoner (Band), Mr. Zimmerman (Choir) & Mr. Ziolkowski (Orchestra)


Keep working on sheet music in all classes. SmartMusic assignments will be due on Friday, October 9th. All students should be taking their horns home every day as per class expectations.

All instruments need to go home over Fall Break. Please do not leave in the building because of the temperature changes that occur.


Sight Reading Factory assignment to be completed by Thursday. We are learning a couple of Halloween rounds and there will be a musical activity on Friday.


Period 1 students will have their 2nd playing assessment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Any missing EEI assignments can be turned in for full credit until Friday, October 9th at 3:00 PM.

All instruments need to go home over Fall Break. Please do not leave in the building because of the temperature changes that occur.

Media Moments

Mrs. Winningham

This week’s reading challenge winner is Nancy Orogun of the Grizzlies team. She will be receiving either a Starbucks gift card or a free book.

Congratulations Nancy!

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Virtual Learners don’t forget you may request a book from the school library and pick it up on Wednesday’s at Curbside pickup from 9:00-2:00 and 3:30-6:00PM at Door 1.
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E-Learners Library Book Curbside Pick-up Form

Click here to take you to the online form for curbside pick-up


Need help with Math and Science homework?

Call the Homework Hotline


Click below to visit their website



AMS South's Attendance Policy


If a student is absent from school, the PARENT must call the school by 8:30 A.M. to report the absence. If no call is received, the automated school system will make an effort to contact the parent, but if NO PARENT CALL has been received by 3:00 P.M. the day following the absence, the student will be charged with an unexcused absence. You may also send an email to us to notify us of your child's absence at msattendance@avon-schools.org.


If your child needs to leave school early during the school day please send a note in with your child to bring to the office first thing in the morning or email us at

msattendance@avon-schools.org with all the necessary information: students name, date and time picking up, and the name of the person picking your child up if someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up. This email will go directly to the front office secretaries and they will be able to get your child an early dismissal pass so that they can be in the front office when you are ready to pick them up. If leaving early for a doctor/dentist appointment, please provide doctor/dentist verification to ensure that the absence is excused.

If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child we MUST have this information in writing from a parent/guardian, please include his or her name on the note or email. Once we verify their photo ID then the student can sign out and leave. If you are unable to email us we will need you to come into the office with your valid ID, once we verify it is a parent/guardian picking up we will be able to call the student down for dismissal.

Using this email will ensure your child will get a pass out of class to be in the office. Please do not use Parent Square to send a message to your child's teachers as we cannot guarantee that this message will get to the front office to get your child a pass. Our teachers are very busy throughout the day and may not be able to check Parent Square often, or if the teacher is out that day we would not get that message in the front office in time to get your child an early dismissal pass.

We want to make sure that your information is getting to the right person in a timely manner, and hopefully prevent any miscommunication or missed messages.

Please be advised that we cannot take early dismissal information over the telephone.

AMS South Visitors Policy

For Visitors to our Building

The safety, health, and well-being of AMS South students, staff, volunteers, and visitors is a top priority. For more details on the Avon Community School Corporation’s safety

procedures please visit our webpage or by following this link:


Entering the Building

Anyone entering our building beyond the front office will need to have a valid photo ID with them so that they can be checked in through our Safe Visitor Solutions system. You will be given a badge to wear while in the building so that you are identified as a visitor. When leaving you will return to the front office so that we can check you out of Safe Visitor Solutions and take your badge.

Visiting Students during Lunch

At this time we are not allowing visitors during lunch periods as we are limiting the amount of visitors to our building.


Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry Information

The Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry is available to Avon school families and employees.

Every Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00PM (when school is in session)

at Avon Intermediate School East

Please do not arrive before 4:30PM due to AIS bus/school traffic

Enrollment is simple. Please complete your 2020-2021 enrollment before you shop. Below you will find more information for enrollment, please click the link below.

Mary Lee Maier Food Pantry at AIS East

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 5-6pm

174 Avon Avenue

Avon, IN

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Community Flyers

Please click on Community Flyers below to take you to the ACSC web page of all the Educational Flyers and Community Events Flyers happening in our community.
Community Flyers

Educational Flyers & Community Events

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