School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

School Board Recognition Annual Celebration Program

Elementary students began the program by thanking the school board for the career awareness activities they are doing that help them discover their inner purpose or "spark." They dressed up as the person they'd like to be when they grow up and told about interest inventories they took to discover how personal skills and interests help shape future career path goals. The presentation was led by the elementary guidance team.

The middle schools partnered to prepare a presentation of thanks for the bully prevention initiative that is going on this year. For the first time in Parkland history, both middle schools' staff and students were bused to PHS for a district-wide bully prevention assembly. This initiative continued throughout the year with regular class chats, parent programs, and student pledges to TAKE A STAND against bullying.

PHS prepared a video that showcased the many ways that clubs and athletics perform community service. Students cited that the programs help to build integrity, character, and teach them about the greater good that they can achieve in the world around them.


Business Meeting

The Board approved a resolution that recommends the establishment of a new funding formula for Basic Education in PA. View it here.

Two revisions to the Parkland School District 2014-15 calendar was approved to forgive the last snow day for students. It will only need to be made by the professional staff via professional development hours. The School Board also approved the use of Friday, March 13, the upcoming In-service day, as the next inclement weather make-up day in order to avoid making up school days the week of June 15th. You can view the new 2014-15 calendar here.

The 2015-16 school calendar was approved with school beginning on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 and can be viewed here.


Everyone congratulated and welcomed Tim Charones, the newly appointed Fogelsville Principal. The Board commented that they thoroughly enjoyed the student presentations for School Board Recognition Night. They thanked everyone for organizing it and participating in it. Mark Hanichak mentioned that the spring middle school musicals are coming up and that people should plan to attend March 5-8. Jef Reyburn mentioned that it was an honor to be involved with the Board while having kids growing up in the District. He noted that the weather has wreaked havoc on schedules, but he is happy that the District is always putting safety first when making delay and cancellation decisions. Lisa Adams mentioned that School Board Recognition is always a favorite night and she thanked everyone. Rob Cohen expressed his appreciation to his colleagues on the Board. He proposed that we have an administration, teacher, student and parent appreciation month in the District since they are all part of the team that makes our District work! David Hein thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve on the Board. Barry Long noted that it was really nice to see the spark at the elementary level and how the program culminated with an overview of how high schoolers give back to the community, noting that that is so important as well. President Roberta Marcus said she had the privilege to serve here for 20 years and on the state level and that she is proud of Parkland who is passionate, child-centered and believes in effective school governance and the PSBA code of conduct. She noted that everyone from the administration to the residents all play a role in supporting this incredible school district and thanked everyone for a great evening of celebration for what is great about our school district.

Next meeting: March 17, 2015. Workshop meeting at 7 PM, Business Meeting at 8 PM.

Budget Seminar is April 24th.

Foundation Gala is May 4th.