Math Weekly Update

Week of 3/30-4/3

Math 7- Greenberg, Haddock, and Porter

Math 7 will be working on determining if given side lengths create a triangle. We will share that this is called the triangle inequality theorem. Students will work with various activities to practice and we will end the week with a check-in.

Math 7- Slaughter

Students will continue reviewing content that they have learned so far this school year. This will include integers, expressions, equations and inequalities.

Math 8- Greenberg

In math 8 we will be working on identifying functions and finding the rate of change from various representations. Students will work with various activities and they will complete a target check on Tuesday covering identifying functions.

Math 8- Hill & Hobold

We will continue our study of reflections next week, and begin studying dilations as well. Students should expect exit slips every day for us to “check in’ on their progress, except on Tuesday when they have a Reflections Target Check.

Math 8- Taylor

We are going to spend the second week in Math 8th covering Systems of Equations, Slope, Exponents, Scientific Notation, Functions, Equations, Pythagoras, and Angles based upon the students learning profile in class.

Algebra- Haddock & Porter

We are going to be starting Chapter 9: Quadratic Equations and Functions. We will be working on section 9-2(Quadratic Functions) for the entire week. Students will use the online textbook and IXL to practice skills. They will take a 9-2 formative.

Algebra- Hobold

We are going to continue studying the quadratic formula. Next week, the equations will not be factorable, which means our answers will be estimations rounded to the nearest hundredth. I would expect a quiz over the quadratic formula sometime late next week.

Algebra- Taylor

We are going to finish Factoring and then the students are headed to Quadratics.


We will continue 11.4 on Monday and Tuesday. We will quiz on 11.4 on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will start 8.4.

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