By Mady Smith

Late Triassic

Coelophysis-These dinosaurs are carnivores. They have typical predator dinosaur teeth (recurved sharp and jagged with fine serrations.) They have about 26 teeth, 2 hind legs and, 2 short arms

Placerias- These dinosaurs resemble a hippopotamus "two dog tooth." They are mammal-like herbivores. They are up to 3.5 meters long.

Thrinaxodon-These dinosaurs are mammal-like-reptiles.

Postosuchus- These dinosaurs are one of the largest carnivores. they are 4 meters long and have dagger like teeth.

peteinosaurus-These dinosaurs are "winged lizards." they have fragmentary skeletons and are small carnivores.

Plateosaurus-These dinosaurs are "broad lizards." They are bipedal herbivores and have a small skull.

Aliwalic- These dinosaurs are about 25 feet. they were found in South Africa.

Fabrosaurus- These dinosaurs

Saltopes-These dinosaurs are carnivorus. They are also know as "hopping foot." They are under 1 meter tall when they are fully grown.

Mussaurus- These dinosaurs are herbivore. They are know as the "mouse lizard." They are about 3 meters long and were found in Argentina.

Syntsrsus- These dinosaurs are carnivores.They are about 2.15 meters. they re also know as the "fused tarsus"

Late Jurassic

Diplodocus- These dinosaurs have no skull and an extremely long tail. They were herbivores and about 33 meters long.

Allosaurus- These are Theropod dinosaurs. They were bipedal predator carnivores.

Orintholestes- These dinosaurs are small theropod dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were carnivores.Their name stands for "bird robber."

Stegosaurus- The name of this dinosaur stood for "roof lizard." They were herbivores quadruped. They had a distinctive and unusual posture.

Brachiosaurus- Some say they were the "largest known dinosaurs." They were 9 matters off the ground. These dinosaurs were herbivores.

Anurognathus- These dinosaurs had a short head with pin like teeth. They were carnivores.

Dryosaurus- These dinosaurs were long-necked and had long slender legs. They were herbivores and their name meant "tree lizard."

Othnielia- These dinosaurs were 1.5-2 meters long. They were herbivores.

Cruel Sea Late Jurassic

Ophthalmosaurus- These dinosaurs lived in the water and were named for their large eyes. They had a body shaped like a tear drop and they ate other small sea reptiles.

Liopleurodon- These were carnivourus marine reptiles. They were up to 82 feet long with dagger teeth.

Eustreptospondylus- These were up to 5 meters long. They were carnivores and they were found in Oxford, England.

Cryptoclidus- These dinosaurs were carnivores. Their were up to 26 feet long.

Rhamphorhynchus- Their name meant "break snout." They were carnivores and had needle like teeth.

Hybodus- These dinosaurs are extinct sharks. They lived in the water, were carnivores, and up to 2 meters long.

Perisphinctes- These were mollusks and they had a curved shell.

Leptolepis- These dinosaurs lived in the water. They had a bony skeleton and were about a foot long.