Tuck Everlasting

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This book will be the ride of your life to magical place.

Not sure if they were grateful or not, the Tuck family were living forever because of drinking water from a spring. As they are trying to live a comfortable and quiet life, a ten year old girl, Winnie had found out their secret. The Tuck family takes her away to their home to persuade her that living forever is not a good idea. When all of that was happening, they are being spied by a yellow-suit stranger. Complications arise when the stranger wants to make a fortune out of the magical spring. Will the Tuck family and Winnie be able to keep the man away from the spring and get Winnie home safely?

About the author!

Natalie Babbitt has written  award-winning fantasies that are set in worlds that set  human nature and include who defy conventions. she studied art at Smith Collage. Her first book was The Forty-Nineth Magician.

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