Let your creative side fly free

There are no rules in Makeup Artisitry

Following your dream

"What's your back up plan?" is a question I get asked every time I tell someone my career choice. Makeup Artistry is more than just your typical job. It's an activity, a passion, and a way of life. I discovered makeup during my time at Cosmetology school. I tried to take interest in other careers such as a doctor, or a counselor, or a teacher, but I kept coming back to my one and only. I know that makeup artistry is what I am meant to do and it could be for you too!

Social media portfolio

In any type of art career, your success is based on your work. The jobs you receive are determined by the work you've showed them. So to land jobs, it is important to have a portfolio. In today's world, social media is all the hype, so having a digital portfolio, such as an instagram or facebook page, will really help to get your name and work out there.