Orange RuffTails

Say hello to APA!'s Orange collar RuffTails!

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Orange collar pups are shy and fearful. Additional training is required.

To be eligible to take an Orange collar RuffTail pup to the trail, you will have graduated from one of the below training paths:

1. RuffTail Runner Training and BOO! training

2. APA! Level 1 Training (5 week course by invite only) and BOO! training

When you pass BOO! training, you will earn an APA! Orange bracelet. You are required to wear your Orange bracelet so that Staff can identify you as an approved handler.

Runners and Joggers:


Protect our Orange RuffTails from Injuries!

1. When you arrive at APA!, review today's list of today's approved RTR dogs at the front desk. (See example list below). The list changes daily, so please look each time.

2. Then, review the sign out log at the front desk. Note which dog has been to the trail twice already. Do NOT take that dog. Dogs are allowed to go to the trail 2X/day max to prevent injury.

3. Remember to sign the dog out both in the log the front desk and on the kennel whiteboard. Write "RTR" on the white board.

4. Maintain a 10 foot distance at all times between your dog and other dogs, both inside APA! and on the trail. Try to walk or jog your dog on your right hand side to maximize the distance between your dog and oncoming dogs. Stay away from the off leash dog park at Auditorium Shores.

5. If the dog appears tired, he probably is. Slow down and turn around. Tell the front desk receptionist so that s/he can cross the dog off of the list for the day.

6. Each dog is assigned a maximum distance or time they are approved to walk or jog in a single RTR outing. The limits are assigned for medical reasons to prevent injury. Review the RTR list notes at the front desk for special instructions (see below).

Tips for checking out your BOO! buddy

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The RuffTail Runners program at Austin Pets Alive!

Our RuffTail Runners and Walkers are adoptable shelter dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. Interested in adopting one of our fabulous trail pups? Check out their online profiles at, send an inquiry regarding a particular dog to, or come visit them in person at Austin Pets Alive!.

Do you want to become a RuffTail Runner or Walker? Taking the dogs to the trail for exercise and time outside in nature helps them relax and gain valuable, real world experiences. Trail time with our RTR team also provides our dogs with enrichment and stimulation away from the shelter, which helps them transition more quickly into their forever homes once they are adopted. Come and join us!