Week 7 Term 3

Principal Report

Equity vs Equality

At Leinster Community School we aim for equity- where needs are identified and met by the school. Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognises that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome. When we are looking at funding at a school level marginalised groups of people often attract more funding for instance low socio-economic status or a disability. Equity means that not everyone will get the same. We may need to build a multi-access toilet for a student with a disability. That does not mean that every student is allocated that resource or that funding. At Leinster Community School we have implemented Tier 2 and 3 intervention programs for the students that need them. That does not mean that everyone will access this resource. Sometimes funds may be spent on new furniture, playgrounds, gardens, carpet but again not everyone will get the same. It is important that the community understand the differences between equality and equity to better understand how resources are distributed.

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Year 6-12 Camp

Our Year 6-12 students went away for a one-week camp to Albany. They had a magical time exploring Quaranup, Whale World, the Amity, and many parts of Albany's rich history. We hear that the highlight was Archery! Thank you very much to Mrs Rimmer, Miss Tracy and Miss Smith for putting their lives on hold to attend camp with this group of students.


Bunnings visited the school on Wednesday and completed a 30 min craft lesson with each class. They bought many gifts along to share with the students and even offered to contribute some plants to our vegetable garden! Thank you Bunnings!

Book Parade

What a successful book parade! Thank you to all the families who took part and created amazing costumes!!! What a turn out! All of the students received an icy pole afterwards as a prize as it was much too difficult to choose a winner!

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you to all the families who supported this event by purchasing books. A very special thankyou to all the families who took the opportunity to purchase a book for the school library. The children will appreciate the new additions.

Scitech Excursion- Year 1

So we got to explore the interactive exhibits that highlighted the connections in nature and encouraged rethinking about what the future could look like. They solved complex challenges and engaged in hands on activities.

"We went into the planetarium which ‘took us into space’ and learnt about our solar system.

We visited a puppet show that presented living and non-living characters in the Bush and encouraged us to think about signs that a storm is coming."

Excusions term 4

The Pre Primary and Kindergarten Classes will be heading off to Caversham for the day in term 4.

The year 2 class will visit Kings Park for a nature play expereince.

Fathers Day Stall-P&C

Thank you P &C for a wonderful Fathers Day stall. The children really enjoyed buying their Dad a gift. Wishing you all a happy Fathers Day!

Faction and Interschool Carnival

To be held Thursday and Friday this week. Lunch will be provided on Friday- no lunch orders please.

The Interschool Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday, 17 September. Students participating in this event will be notified and transported by bus (sponsored by Goldfields) to Leonora.

Thursday 2 September- Jumps and Throws 8:30am

Friday 3 September- Athletics Carnival 8:30am

Friday 17 September- Interschool Carnival in Leonora 9:00am


Please see the clubs timetable below.

Intervention- Dragon Club

At Leinster Community School we use evidence-based programs to deliver core classroom instruction. If a child does not respond to this and requires additional support they will be placed in our intervention program supported by Sophie Webb. This involves explicit instruction in small groups twice per week. By analysing data we are able to identify if a child is needing even further support and we have recently begun a tier 3 intervention program where individual students are targeted daily one to one. This program is designed by Sophie Webb and implemented by Rae.

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Pink Brick

Mick Plowman is organising an event to raise money for breast cancer. This event will take place at the school on Monday 20 September.

Phones in School

Phones are such a useful tool and mobile phones have brought another dimension into quick and effective communication. However, they do come with a downside and all Western Australian Schools have phone policies in place to prevent undesirable situations. It is essential that we have community support around the use of phones and devices. Sometimes if a family is new to using technology with teens they may not have considered some of the negative consequences that come with having phones in schools, on excursions or camps. Here are some of the challenges that schools can face with the introduction of mobile phones:

  • Students circumventing school filtering using VPN software
  • Cyberbullying situations
  • Sexting
  • Hot-spotting or tethering from their personal 3G/4G devices to school laptops, bypassing school filtering
  • Using social media during class time
  • Grades slipping from the constant distraction of their own or other students’ device use

Bullying Verses Mean on Purpose Behaviour

In life, we do not all get along 100% of the time. Sometimes there are clashes with friends and sometimes we have disagreements. Part of learning is to be able to work through these disagreements in a positive way so that we can maintain positive relationships with others. Next week we will be hosting talks with the year 4-6 class about Friendship. These talks will focus on the term "mean on purpose behaviour" vs "bullying" we will discuss "friendship fires" and role play some quick comebacks that students can use to stand up for themselves.

Crazy Hair and Cupcake Fair P&C

To be held on 23 September- students can come with crazy hair and buy a cupcake to raise money for the P&C.

Fees and Charges Raffle

There will be a raffle at the next assembly on Tuesday 14 September 2021.

All families that have paid their $60 Fees and Charges will automatically be entered into the raffle to win a very unique prize!

Get in quick to get an entry.

Fees and charges can be paid by EFTPOS at reception or by direct deposit:

Account Name : Leinster Community School

Branch Number : 066 040

Account Number : 1990 1770

Use last name as reference and VC

Last date to pay the fees and enter the raffle draw is Monday 13 September 2021.

New Initiatives and Grants

I would like to share with you some of the companies who have donated money to the school for various projects and also how the school is using funds. A large number of these donations benefit the entire school community, such as technical support, the chaplaincy program, Aboriginal artwork, Water Fun Day and sports equipment. Please see below for further detail.

  • MLG- High school cooking
  • Scholastic- Year 5/6 novels and nonfiction books in the classroom
  • BHP- 4 Logic technical support and ICT infrastructure
  • Goldfields- Chaplaincy program 2 days per week
  • PALS- supply of materials for Aboriginal Artwork
  • Theiss- Payment of Aboriginal Artist for artwork in undercover area
  • GWR- Sponsor of Water Fun Day at the end of Term 4
  • QUBE- provide food for the water fun day
  • Sporting Schools- Grant to purchase sporting equipment such as javelins, shotputs, batons, discus, stopwatches and other sports equipment
  • Ramelius- Funding a new car in the K-PP play area
  • Leonora Shire- P &C have applied for a grant to get blinds in every room of the school
  • Transalta- to contribute a grant to get a boat in K/PP playground, catering for sports carnival

BHP- are about to re-floor year 3/4, Kindy, Uniform Shop and Intervention Room (Dragon Club)

And recently the school has purchased new high school desks and chairs. In time we aim to have refloored and refurbished all rooms within the school, however, it takes time to secure funds so currently, we have tackled the oldest furniture and flooring. The Kindergarten floor was dated over 40 years old!