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Basic Information

Capital:Buenos Aires
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Flag of The Country

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Map of The Country

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Locator Map

Physical Geography

Area:1,073,519 miles square

Two physical features:Cordoba Mountains, Parana River


Environment-Plants and Animals: Cattle, cotton, soybeans

Environment-Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

Natural Resources: 1.)Fertile plains of the pampas, lead 2.)Gold

How people interact with the environment:Deforestation, soil degradation, desertification, air pollution

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Iguazu Falls

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Andes Mountains

Human Geography

Cultural Traits: Spanish, soccer(very popular), Roman Catholic, Tango, Basketball

Population: 43,024,374 people

Population Density: 40 people per square mile

Type of Government: Republic

GDP: $771 billion

GDP Per Capita: $18,600

Imports: Motor Vehicles, Chemicals

Exports: Edible oils, cereals

Places to Visit:1.)Buenos Aires Bike Tour 2.)Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour

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A street in Buenos Aires

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Tango Dancers