Make It Matter!

Volume 1, Issue 7


1) ACT Proctors Review Session - Monday, March 21st in Club Room 3:30 pm

This is for any staff that proctored the ACT Exam this year only.

2) Make it Matter Committee - Wednesday, March 23rd in Mr. Dillin Wing Office

I want to begin discussion on next years PD schedule and building goals. Any and all are welcome.

3) Faculty Meeting April 11, Rowe/Lavold Suite Topics TBA

4) Attendance will be taken at the start of the block or skinny. Accuracy will be tracked as part of Standard 6- Professionalism.

5) Everyone should have their ID displayed and be at your doors in between every block unless you are assisting a student. Thank you to those that already model this.

6) Backpacks are not allowed in the classroom unless a tag is visible assigned by Mr. Heesch.

7) Mr. Spinder, Ms. Behling, Ms. May, Ms. Knitt, an OMS and a MHS student will be interviewing candidates for the Choir position on Thursday afternoon.

Teachers' Motivation

District News

District plans on applying: Wisconsin’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Program, coordinated by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, has designated $40,000 in grant funds for SY 2016-17 for schools interested in small equipment grants (less than $5,000 per piece of equipment). These dollars will be instrumental in helping schools achieve their wellness goals particularly around serving nutritious meals that students want to eat. Funds will help provide access to nutritious foods (including dairy) that students may not otherwise have. Information is now available on USDA’s Equipment Assistance Grant website page, the FUTP 60 and GENYOUth websites. Schools will be able to apply for the USDA grants at the FUTP 60’s website. (

The Board of Education Meeting is on Monday evening, Please check out Ms. Jones email for the agenda for the evening.