By : Jenna


To prevent melanoma you should stay out of the sun, staying in the shade, staying away from tanning beds, using sun screen SPF 15 and up as directed, and cover up. Also keep baby's out of the sun or keep them protected with all of the above, especially when they are under 6 months old.

Treatment for Melanoma

The different treatments for melanoma are Surgery, Radiation therapy, Neurosurgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted surgery, and Local hyperthermia. Radiation Therapy is when you are exposed to radiation to try get rid of all the canceroues cells.

The Statistics On Melanoma

5.4 million cases are treated in the US.Each year there are new cases.One in five people in America will get skin cancer.At least one person dies from skin cancer in about every hour.Try to use at least SPF 15.

Facts For Melanoma

  • Melanoma is a very serious skin cancer.
  • The risk is 1 in 34 Americans.
  • Deaths result in more than 73% of skin cancer.


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