John Clydesdale

Great Great Great Great Grandfather

Born on Oct 16,1827 - Died on Jan 17, 1895 in Rocklin Ca

John Clydesdale was an adventurous Irish lad. At the he of 13 hired on as a salor out of Belfast, later living in London until 1849 when he heard of gold being discovered in California. He was a miner for a decade in towns like Weaver Creek and Mormon Island in Folsom Ca. Around 1868 John moved to Rocklin Ca. where he ran a butcher shop and saloon. He was almost 50 years old when he meet a young Irish lady named Margaret McCormick whom he married and had 3 children,William, James and Eddie.He was well liked in his town and was elected (over and over) beginning in 1877 to the position of justice of peace ,positions he held until passing in 1897.
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