Library Love

How MMS students and staff are using the library!


November is always a blur; days on, days off, conferences, workshops, and the ever-popular, turkey coma! The library continues to be a hub of learning as students sink their teeth and time into long-term projects and research!

The new Chrome Book loaner initiative allows students to trade a broken CB with a functioning loaner while they wait for Dave to work his magic and fix theirs. Since the initiative started on November 4th, 56 loaners have cycled in and out of the library. Kudos and thanks to Ruth Barrie who processes 99% of these, and to Dave Young who tirelessly troubleshoots all of them!

Library Lessons

32 Classes Took Care of Biz at the Library

Many of our 6th graders have read or are reading the historical fiction novel, Weasel. To tie into the classroom curriculum, 6th grade library lessons have featured digital book chats highlighting historical fiction titles here in the library! We have lots of titles, including favorites Al Capone Does My Shirts, Bloody Jack, and Fever 1793.

In addition, some of our 7th and 8th grade classes have made time to come in for a book exchange, and to enjoy a change of reading scenery. Meanwhile, several TR classes took a virtual field trip to Plimouth, (yes, it really is spelled that way), Plantation to learn more about the first Thanksgiving.

Please let me know if you want help planning a project, or if you'd like to use the library with your classes. I'm already getting "research reservations," so come down and talk with me if there's something you're thinking about working on.