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Atomic number: 75

Symbol: Re

Atomic Mass: 186.207 amu (atomic mass unit)

Number of protons/electrons: 75

Number of neutrons: 111

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Periodic Table

Group: 7

Period: 6

Family: Transition Metals


Melting Point: 3180.0 C

Boiling Point: 5627.0 C

Type: Metal

Color: Silverish

Density: 21.02 g/cm3


Room temperature state: Solid


Discovered by: W. Noddack, Ida Tacke-Noddack, Otto Berg

Discovered: 1925

Can be found in: Copper and Molybdenum ores or imported from Chile, United Kingdom, and Germany


First produced:

Who produced:

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This is a flash lamp. Rhenium is used in these. Amazing, right?

Fascinating Info

Rhenium is one of the rarest elements in the world / on periodic table.

One of the most dense materials in the world / on periodic table.

One of the highest melting points in the world / on periodic table.

Hardest known elements in the world / periodic table.