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IT Rage - Issue 101

Marrying the job with the skills

Britain, the capital nation for the IT industry is facing troubles. The economy is facing a crisis from the value of the pound going down and companies are laying off workers so they can keep a float, so companies like us are experiencing a huge overflow of people waiting to find jobs. So we have decided to help you out by showing an example of someone looking for a job and showing what job they could apply for, so that you can work out what suits you and you can apply for your own accord.

At Sugden's IT we go through loads of CV's per day giving out advice to people on what jobs they can apply for, we believe in giving the best advice to help the British public out in their job hunts. So if your looking for some help for job hunting or needing some help on deciding on what to apply for, then you are reading the right page! Together we are going to look at an example of a candidate looking for a job and we are going to give then some possible jobs to apply for.

The candidate

Lets have a look at our candidates history and general background. This includes looking over there qualifications and having a look at if they have some past jobs/experiences. So if we have a look at our candidate her name is Emily Forrest and lives in the UK. So we now have her name a location, so If we have a look at her qualifications she has the following;

  • Bsc Economic Computing - Degree Classification: 2:1 Honors
  • BTEC National Diploma in ICT - Grade: Distinction, Distinction, Merit
  • BTEC First Diploma in ICT - Grade: Distinction*

From this we can clearly see that Emily has a high level of education and loves learning about ICT. So from this information we can say right now that her ideal job would be something in the IT Sector. Now that we know her education lets look at her past employment;

  • IT Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Support Assistant

Looking at this can you tell what trend we have here? Well the trend we can see is that she seems to like working in the environment of being able to help people and to managing the IT equipment. Also written down on her CV we can see that she has a lot of skills with programming websites, programs and has a wide knowledge of many software packages. She also mentions that she can work under pressure and to tight schedules . This opens up some more doors for jobs as companies are looking for fast producing works which work to the highest standards. And so far she ticks all our boxes for this type of job.

We also know that she likes to be social around large groups of people and is an active person, also has some outside work. Working on software and designing websites. So now we know a lot about Emily lets go over what we have learnt.


So what have we learnt about Emily?

We know that she wants to work in the IT sector and that she has a lot of experience working in the field, and has a lot of experience working for a wide range of topics from equipment management and customer support. So from gathering all this information we can now think about what possible jobs we can apply for on her behalf.

Job picking

Now we come to deciding on the decision of what job/s we can apply for on Emily's behalf, to do this we must ensure that we look at all the angles so that she has a chance of getting the job, so lets look at the facts.

Emily has very high knowledge in IT, and has high experience in working in the IT sector. Also she is a hardworking worker and likes to work in groups of people. So I think we can say she could have a chance at applying for these.

  • IT Support Manager
  • System Support Manager
  • Network Manager

We believe that these jobs would be suitable for Emily for many factors as you look back at the facts and information we have collated about her, we can understand what she is good at and wants to do with her life. So we know that she wants to work in the IT sector and has a lot of experience and has the social skills and the work force to be able to work under these titles So in end all we believe that these are the best jobs in which she has the qualifications to get in. What do you think about our choice? If you think different please email us and tell us your thoughts as your thoughts will help us to get better at our job.