Robert Millikan

The one who determined the electron's charge

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Birth till Death

  • Robert was born on March 22nd, 1868 in Morrison, Illinois. And sadly passed away on December 19th, 1953 in San Marino, California.

Robert was....

  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
  • One of America's best-known scientists in the early 20th Century.
  • A pioneering teacher and prolific textbook author.
  • A university administrator.
  • Science policy adviser.
  • A fundraiser in support of scientific research.
Robert Andrews Millikan


  • Enrolled at Oberlin College in 1887 where he developed a liking for problem solving and experimentation.
  • Graduating in 1891, he stayed on at Oberlin for graduate school, supporting himself by tutoring.
  • Received his master's degree in 1893
  • Was given a fellowship by Columbia University
  • Received his Ph.D. in 1895
  • Did a year of postgraduate study in Europe.
  • Discovered the radius of oil drops.
  • Discovered the nucleus of an atom.
  • In 1913, he published the value of the electronic charge.
  • Measured the charge on an electron.
  • Discovered that electrons orbit inside an atom.
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Charge of an Electron: Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment