B.E.N. Online 3

We are back in school and break is over!


We held a lunch contest for someone to name a their favorite food for a week her name is Naveyda and she named it Navedya's Legendary Pizza. You can have that Legendary pizza on January 17 2020

A New Note!

Mrs.Swift our music teacher is out for the rest of the year to attend some personal business with her new baby!!!! The music teacher for the rest of the year is Mr. Black.
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As you may have heard Mrs.Swift is going to be out for the rest of the year to take care of her baby. So we have a long term sub for the rest of the year his name is Mr.black and he is professed in vocal. just like Mrs.swift.

4th Grade Famous people book project!

Every student in 4th grade must get a "Who Is" or "Who Was" book of a famous person and not a What is. Every student in 4th grade needs to get 1 piece of white poster board to make their person and they will be took home to dress.

year book winner

Here at Bellville Elementary we have a yearly contest to see who's art is used as the year book cover. This years winner is C.Smith in fifth grade. All of the runner ups are on the back of the year book
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We Love You Christmas Tree

This Christmas a class took it to a whole new level. They made a Christmas tree... out of plastic bottles!!! Mrs. Thorne's class made it out of plastic bottles,bottles caps, and rubber bands!!!
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Secret Santa Shop

This year we had a good school holiday but it cant be complete without Secret Santa Shop!
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First Graders Caroling

The First graders went to the Gazibo in our town and did some caroling
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All students attention!!!!!

Today all students received their report cards I hope all students get lots of os! (outstandings)


Sometime soon weather will go up to 70 DEGRES an then back down to 30:( welcome to Ohio

be safe online

in tech we are all learning how to be safe online. So remember parents it's always safer to give your kids time away from electronics.do a family night or play a game.

3 more months

That's right 3 more month of school and were DONE over gone.