How can we prevent Air Pollution?

By: Dylan Harold


1. Particulate Matter: Where? Diesel Fuel, and burning coal and wood.

Why is it bad? Asthma, can trigger strokes and premature birth.

2. Carbon Monoxide: Where? Home heating equipment, and Vehicles

Why is it bad? Causes Death

3. CFC's: Where? Aerosol cans, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Why is it bad? Hole in the Ozone layer.

4. Oxides: Where? Factories, and burning fossil fuels.

Why is it bad? Acid Rain, Smog, can affect people w/ heart and lung problems.


We can stop Air Pollution coming from cars by turning them off when we are at a long stop. People can also use cleaner fuels and hybrid cars, another way is when ever possible carpool.

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