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Issue Regarding the Markham Residents

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Markham is known to be the most diverse community in Toronto and attains many achievements. Markham has gained recognition for its Business, Cultural , Community Service ,Environmental, and Sports and Recreation. Even so, there are many concerns addressed by the citizens regarding Markham condition that should take affect.

Markham's Contruction/Building Permits

Markham citizens believes that building and construction in our town needs to be more planned out and organized. A recent project that Markham finished was the construction of the bus stop on Highway 7. Although the project had its successes, during the construction it created traffic that would extend from Woodbine to Rodick most of the afternoon. Also for future construction, it would be best to have places that correspond with each other closer, for an example: having shopping malls closer to near by neighborhoods. This would help reduce travel time between each location and create ease for buyers and sellers to reach their destination. Having such a great population in Markham, having an organized building plan is key in order to keep the city from become a mess.

Markham's Roads Maintenance

Another issue regarding Markham are its roads. Road Maintenance is important to keep up because it improves access from place to place. Sadly many communities neglect this because of high cost. Roads lose their composure quickly with the result of sudden strong rain and weather. ( Which happens a lot in Markham) Road congestion in some areas become quite a common issue from time to time. Factors that lead into this includes short green lights but long red lights for one line, slim roads forcing cars to take on routes and bad road design with lots of curves. Another issue I notice in Markham is the bike lanes. I believe that the bike lanes are in dangerous spots because most of them are in areas where lots of cars travel by. I see a possible solution where Markham should expand the road size by width so cars won't have to wait in one lane and bikes will have more room to ride down. Another possible solution is to introduce more bike lanes in less populated areas so it encourages more people to bike and avoid/lessen traffic.

Art and Leisure

Art and leisure are activities which are fundamental factors which creates a healthy society in cities or towns. They improve people moral with interaction with others and satisfies them too. It is necessary for keeping civilians happy and from causing anyone to rebel in any way. Markham should increase awareness for the cause and encourage people to take part in these types of activities. What Markham should do is possibly add another museum with the Markham Museum that focuses on art instead of historical features and make it bigger. Also Markham could add a stadium or more public gyms so sport fans could enjoy and watch the game live here. There has already been talk about construction for a stadium for the Pan Am Games in Markham.