By: kinsey baker

Hawaii facts

My Dream vacation is Hawaii. I want to go to Hanauma Bay. This place has a beautiful beach to lay out and tan. The name ire preserve park is a marine life conversation park.

I thought that was cool.


It will probably 10.5 hours to get there. I will probably take my bestfriend with me. we will fly and stay there for about 2-3 weeks. We will stay at a hotel that is right down the road from the beach. I will need bathing suits, shoes, sunscreen, hats, money, lots of clothes, head bands, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, deodorant, and who knows what else. The hotel I will be staying at will be very nice. We will stay In a suite. The hotel will have a pool and work out area.


My hotel prices are $261 a night. I wont know how much money I will be spending, but it will be alot i can tell you that. I also don't know how much food money I will be buying but I will be ordering room services and going out to eat. I will be flying and my ticket will cost $763.94.


I will swim in the pools, tan on the beach, and shop in the town. There is all different things things to do there. One thing is shop in the town and see all the different clothes. Also there is all different kinds of animals to look at. I thought all the dolphins that were in Hawaii were going to be interesting to see.

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