PVE Friday Focus

May 13th, 2016

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News and Notes


Another big week comes to an end. Wow, what a busy, buys time! Excitement started Monday with baby chicks arriving for our students. I know of at least 7 classrooms that experienced new life hatching this week!!

STEM Night was a huge hit. We ran twice as long this year, 5:00-8:00 PM. It resulted in a registered 750 plus students attending! Car parking was an adventure with the staff parking lot full, double parked on the sides and the new maintenance shed 1/2 full. I share this because it speaks to the community...they come out and support our school! Ice cream, Bub's Burgers and some incredible speakers made for a fun and eventful evening. Mr. Jinkins from Sports Analytics was an incredible speaker. He shared on invention and sports analytics. More importantly, he shared the true story of a 7 year old girl who was told by her parents "go build something". Before age 13, she a millionaire. Kids can was a common message in his story and oh so powerful!!! Every station was powerful and incredible!

*Football Helmet Evolution

*Logo Graphic Design

*WeDo Robotics

*Mindstorm Design


*St. Vincent Heart run

*Design a sport

Each station had a constant stream of families!

Special thank you to staff who contributed, supported and gave of their time last night.

Cathy Daugherty, Kathy Drake, Stephanie Compton, Kristen Stratton, Susan Burkle, Cheri Mikesell, Kathy Crone, Beth Knapik, Rene Frye, Julie Parks, Kim Gray, Kasey Cope, Jamie Neese and Lauren DeWees. I may have missed someone? Please let me know! Thank you for your hard work and time!

I had a question from Cathy Dawson in regards to when Tentative Assignments will come out on email. She was thinking they are coming out today. No, there will be no email today. I would hope to have a better idea by May 20th but can not guarantee if we will even be ready by then.

Today we were fortunate to have our great partners from UIndy help with another weather ballon launch. Mrs. Compton did a great job of being an active PA and sharing questions/answers during the build up. It was another great event and experience to build wrinkles on the brain and bewilderment in the heart. Last report was it landed just outside of Knightstown.

Upcoming Calendar

May Monday, May 16th

• Happy Birthday Kristen Stratton

(A PVE TEAM will be out for PLTW training. This is a three day training. I will be accompanying the team, at least for Day 1.)

Tuesday, May 17th

• 4th Grade – Dawson/ Mikesell to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

• Lifeskills Convocation

o All sessions will be held in LGI Room

o 1&2- 9:30

o PK&K- 10:00

o 3&4- 1:45

Wednesday, May 18th

• Happy Birthday Cathy Daugherty

• 1st Grade Field Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo

• 4th Grade Carney/Mybeck to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

• Life Skills Swimming

Thursday, May 19th

• 4th Grade Kiel /Smith to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

• Preschool Swimming

• Kdg Food Rescue Pickup – Crone

Friday, May 20th

• Happy Birthday Audrey Csikos and Julie Pettinger

• Office Meeting 8:15 Office Conference Room

• Third Grade Specialty Event (PD Room, LGI and Upper Café) 1:45 – 3:00 PM

Monday, May 23rd

Tuesday, May 24th

• Preschool Art Show - 1/2 PD Room closest to Preschool Pod

• 4th Grade Yearbook Signing – Outside 2:30 (LGI if raining)

• 3rd Grade Yearbook Signing – Outside 2:30 (Lower Gym if raining)

Wednesday, May 25th

• Field Day

• Preschool Art Show 6:00 AM – 11:45 AM and 12:45 – 7:00 PM 1/2 PD Room closest to Preschool Pod

• Zeek Squad 11:45 – 12:45 PD Room

Thursday, May 26th

• Preschool Art Show – 7:00 AM – 10:30 AM 1/2 PD Room closest to Preschool Pod

• End of 4th Quarter

Friday, May 27th

• Teacher Record Day

Thursday, June 2nd

• Teacher Deadline to Post Grades 8:00 AM

Friday, June 3rd

• K-3 report cards mailed directly to parents

• Grade 4 grades posted in MISI/PEP

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"Let them eat cake"

"Let them eat cake" is often attributed to Marie Antoinette, and we know how that turned outl! But our PTO was just the opposite in going above and beyond and in treating me to a cake for my 100th PTO meeting since arriving at Pleasant View many years ago. It was a very thoughtful and nice touch!