March 2015


There have been a few questions submitted to the F.A.Q. page and the submitted questions and answers can be viewed here.

The most often asked questions revolve around Mustang Rewards for the students and W2G certificates for the teachers.

Q: When do I give a student a Mustang Reward? Does it have to be for every "nice" thing they do? Is it only for special times?

A: There is not a certain time a reward is required and it doesn't have to be reserved for any particular act of kindness or responsibility. Use your inner Yoda and give them out when you feel they are deserved.

- Random acts of kindess

- Random acts of responsibility

- Needs an extra push or shout-out

- Always does great things and deserve a shout-out

It is up to you!

Be on the look-out for the next MINI-CHALLENGE!

Want some data? It's sorta my thing.

W2G Redemption for Jeans: 63 teachers and counting

Dance Ticket Redemption: 15 students and counting

See the pictures below for more information about student and teacher menu options.

A new addition to the teacher menu is the Office Supply Store!

The PBIS Office Supply Store is now open for business!

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2014 Discipline Data Round-Up

Half a year has passed...did you see it? It just flew by!

These charts represent CVMS discipline data from Aug 2014-Jan 2015.

This data is displayed in greater detail (and probably better math) in the conference room.

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Last but Never Least...

Thank you for responding to the last survey.

Q: Have morning duty reminders been helpful?

A: Positive responses with 71% stating YES.

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